Kumbaso online retailer - legit? (Skyrim-related)

I have an itch to get Skyrim, but the price is putting me off. But I can get it right here for only $37.

Has anyone used this Russian site? Does it pass the sniff test?

The download process sounds dodgy.


Not sure, but the in-box version is on sale for $39 at WalMart this week.

Thanks, but in-store is not an option for me, and online (even to order the box, I don’t think they do download) is still $60. At $39, I’d order the physical box, though download would be better.


I don’t know anything about that particular retailer and don’t want to slander them just for being overseas. That said, there’s been a rash of people on Steam saying that their traded-for Skyrim keys were revoked. The usual culprits being hacked keys (usually coming from Eastern Europe/Russia). There may also be a region flag issue – a lot of games are sold cheaply in Russia because otherwise they wouldn’t sell at all due to the weak economy. But those keys are flagged to only work from regional IP addresses to keep them from being sold back to Western customers.

Edit: Looking at the link, the second one seems to be the case. They’re selling inexpensive Russian keys. This no doubt violates their agreements with Bethesda; the chance of it reflecting back at you with a revoked key, I have no idea.

Interesting. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.


Amazon is supposed to be running video game sales all day tomorrow. You may get lucky there.

Looks as though you can browse ahead (tomorrow) and see what’ll be on sale that day although the price won’t come up until the sale goes live.

If that sounds like too much work, I’d just keep an eye on the Running Deals thread in this forum. Steam or GMG is bound to put it on sale sooner or later.