Kung Fu Tea!

My question is simple, what on earth is Kung Fu Tea?

I just got an invitation to an “activity” here in China and it’s only partially in English, but what I can read is quite interesting:

“Kung Fu Tea - Making Techniques. <some Chinese> A good way of enjoying Gong Fu tea! <some more Chinese>”

Does anyone know what’s involved in the Kung Fu style making of tea? I’m definately going, but it would be nice to know what I’m in for, since martial arts and teamaking are hard for me to visualise together!

— G. Raven

According to this, Kung Fu tea is a health tea… apparently the phrase “Kung Fu” can be applied to any process that is complicated…

Happy Teaing! :wink:

They’re gonna have some booze, too :wink:

— G. Raven

I don’t know what it’s made from, but it sure kicks ass.

I’m sorry… really. Somebody had to say it.