L.A. Shooters -- B&B Guns is closed.

B&B guns has been an institution in the L.A. area for a long time. They had two stores – one in North Hollywood and the other in Westminster. I heard on the news that they are closed.

Perhaps their most shining moment was a few years ago during the North Hollywood bank robbery. The robbers were armed with fully-automatic AK-47-type rifles (for those who don’t know, they were illegal, having been restricted since the National Firearms Act of 1934). Being outgunned, the local cops went over to B&B and borrowed semi-automatic AR-15 rifles to even the odds. Without B&B, how would the robbery and shoot-out have ended?

I’ve bought a gun or two from B&B, although I don’t remember which ones. I’ll have to check my Big Book-O-Receipts. Aside from losing the discount gun shop in the area, there are other consequences. California has a 10-day waiting period before you can pick up a gun purchase. Many people paid for their guns but were unable to pick them up before B&B closed because of the waiting period. Some of the purchases were transferred to another dealer, but there’s a catch: They have to go through the registration process again, which requires that they pay the fee a second time. (Never let it be said that California will pass up an opportunity to cash in twice on a single transaction!) And the 10-day waiting period starts again, so the people who bought guns from B&B will end up waiting 20 days for their purchases.

I bought a 1967 Winchester 94 Canadian Commemorative carbine (20" octagon barrel, rifle stocks, unfired, original box) from Pony Express in the Valley. They looked like they were closing down too. I’d better rush over on Wednesday just in case…

Whenever I start to forget why I might hate Los Angeles, it finds a way to remind me.

Of course California is going to find a way to rip you off and make you pay for it, too. That’s what it’s all about here, right? :smiley:

Seriously, though, that’s too bad about the store. I haven’t been there. Although there is a really nice one in Glendale, my preference is in Phoenix, where my family lives. Also, they are a lot more gun-friendly there. Where else are you going to find a place that likes to arm the potential victims along with the potential thugs?

It had the best prices in town.

It’s too bad Pony Express looks like they’re cleaning out. I’ve always wanted to try archery, and they had a whole room devoted to it.

Hey Johnny, I just bought me a Ruger P95 at the Victorville gun show a couple weeks ago.
As far as LA county, that place has been going to hell for a long time now. The authorities sure don’t like to let the average person arm themself, look how they ran off the Great Western Gunshow from Pomona, but they bend over backwards for the Reconquistas!

BTW, remember Daggett!

During the riots the police told people they couldn’t protect them, and that they should arm themselves. People rushed to the gun stores only to run into the (then) 15-day waiting period.

I used to spend my summers in Daggett!

Find somewhere and give it a try, Johnny. Archery is a ball. And with a cheap backstop, such as 3-4 bales of straw, you can shoot in your backyard without disturbing the neighbors.

Too bad about B&B. I don’t shoot much any more, but I still like the idea of having a place around where you can get quality firearms without breaking the bank.