L&O SVU 10/11

kind of a whimpy ending if you ask me
I don’t mean Stabler - he’s still a ticking time bomb
I mean the 'roid Dad and 'roid Son - if the dynamic was in place that no matter what the son did it was never going to be enough for the dad, then not even a near death experience would turn the dad around like that

I thought the fight between Stabler and the dad featured some of the most UNREALISTIC stage combat I can remember seeing. It’s like Stabler was told that his fists couldn’t come within a foot of the other guy’s head.

ok - acting/directing notwithstanding, what did you think?

Was this the first time they’ve revealed that Meloni’s character was abused by his dad?

I don’t watch the show often enough to know.

If you assume that his hostility was driven by his steroid abuse, the fact that he was clean at the end might have something to do with the abrupt about-face.

what i got from the info dispersed throughout the episode was that the dad was like that before he started using, the using only intensified the behaviors
according to the best friend, the son was being driven by the dad since elementary school
unless i missed something
bt did we really need the shrink to tell us Stabler was beating up his own father in his mind? it seemed kind of obvious to me