L&O:SVU- what happened to Det. Jeffries?

Detective Monique Jeffries (played by Michelle Hurd) left the SVU under a cloud of scandal, but I’ve never seen all the relevant episodes so I’m unsure exactly what happened. Wikipedia only told me what little I already knew: that she slept with someone who was (or had been?) a suspect, and she was accused of either compromising a case or at best unprofessional conduct. For her part, she claimed that the investigation of her was sexually biased and motivated by prudery. Can someone in the know fill in more about this?

All four of the detectives (Stabler, Munch, Benson and Jeffries) were going through a psychological exam to determine their fitness for duty. IIRC, when asked what would she do if she couldn’t be an SVU detective anymore, Benson started crying, and Stabler admitted to feeling rage toward suspects, to the point of wanting to beat them up. I don’t remember what Munch’s thing was. Jeffries was found to have compromised judgement and let go.

Now, how that ties in to either the actress or the producer wanting to get rid of the character, I don’t know. I’m assuming one or the other wanted Jeffries off the show, and this is the way they did it.

I didn’t mean why was that character written out of the show. I meant within the storyline, what exactly was the big deal over what she did or allegedly did? And why was she so bitterly hostile not just towards the brass but Cpt. Cragen and the rest of the squad over it?

I think it was because she let a man they had thought had raped/murdered someone take her home for a one-night stand. It showed poor judgement on her part, and since SVU is such an intense unit, with living, wounded victims they have to deal with, a detective who puts herself in danger on purpose is a liability.

I think Cragen was worried that she’d started showing self-destrutive behavior, and I imagine Jeffries was pissed at losing her job.

There wasn’t a whole episode built around a suspect that they had to let go due to lack of evidence, and then him showing up at some bar and taking Jeffries home. It was only an anecdote she shared with the shrink.

I think the lawsuit she filed was a racial discrimination one, not sexual.

Stabler admitted to thoughts of actually executing some particularly bad perps. I also think that they were all really pissed because they were told that the psych sessions would be confidential…

Munch refused to answer any questions. His guard was up all the way, perhaps rightly so. (Guess he’ll never deal with capping Gordon Pratt in this series.)

That would be Lt. Van Buren over at TOS.