La Niña in the PNW

I heard that we have an El Niña this year. Am I correct that this Fall and Winter will be colder and wetter than normal?

That’s the theory I’ve heard as well. I imagine the ski resorts will be loving this season, if true.

You can’t say for definite, but it does mean that it’s more likely, yes. The PNW is of course affected more directly by La Niña than we are over here. Unfortunately it seems like these days it doesn’t matter if there’s an El Niño, La Niña or neither, we still can’t get a cold winter in the UK. I miss the snowy winters of my youth :frowning:

Are you a poet? If not, you should be.

Yep. The Pacific Northwest bears the brunt of a lot of precipitation in La Niña years. (bolding mine)

Here’s a map depiciting some of the effects of La Niña in winter and summer:

Is it La Niña or El Niño? I thought it was the latter that brings wetter weather to the West Coast; while the former can bring about drought like conditions.

It’s La Niña - you can check the sites I linked to.

You might be thinking of California rather than the Pacific NW. California gets higher than average rainfall in El Niño winters, and Southern California get lower than average rainfall in La Niña winters. Northern California is rain-neutral in La Niña winters (as far as we know - there are historical examples of rainfall going both ways.) The Pacific Northwest has higher than normal rainfall in La Niña years.