LA Times

Has the Los Angles Times lost thousands of subscribers because of their liberal views as Bill O’Rielly has stated?

Their circulation is in the millions so a few thousand is a very tiny percentage of their subscriber base. I am sure that it is a true statement. I am also sure that their liberal bias has gained them thousands of other subscribers.


Agree with previous post. They are liberal. look what they ran about Arnold, I do not live in California, but I would cancel their delivery.

I’m sure that there are a few thousand people, in a given sample of a couple million, that there are some that would dump a newspaper subscription over something like that.

They lose more on any given day, from people not being able to afford it any more.

Well, I’ve not subscribed partly because it’s obvious they’re fairly liberal.

Then again, the O.C. Register is just the other side of the coin. It’s assumed you’re a Republican.

I know several people who have canceled their subscription due to the liberal bias.

The LA Times ran a story on this itself. The story stated that about 1,000 people cancelled their subscriptions.

Last time I saw it reported the Times’ daily, audited circulation was about 1 million, with about 1.2 million on Sunday. My guess is that their circulation fluctuates from week to week by more than 1000. I suppose that they know the 1000 figure from letters to them giving that as a reason.

I would take out two subscriptions but I think that I don’t count in the audit because I live too far away.

Hell, I think I’d cancel the LA Times just because they constantly call and pester you to subsribe. (They still do that, don’t they?)

Funny cause they are owned by the Chicago Tribune and that paper is conservative.