Laced Cannabis?

In today’s politically charged atmosphere, you hear a lot of discourse, and often contradictory information, on the properties of cannabis. I have heard plenty of people on one hand talk about the risk of accidentally purchasing and consuming laced marijuana. On the other hand, I have heard that such concerns are mostly (if not entirely) a myth. I have conducted extensive research on the subject, and thus far have yet to find a conclusive answer from any reputable sources. I was wondering if our main man Cecil could settle this question once and for all!

Laced with what?

Where did you hear this?

What is your question, specifically?

It seems to me that he’s asking if marijuana is ever really laced with anything. I mean, haven’t you heard these stories? When I was growing up and people were warning about the dangers of pot and shit like that, they always talked about some guy who got some bad weed that was laced with PCP/cocaine/rat poison/whatevertheheck and got WAYYYYY higher than he intended to/ended up in the hospital with a heart attack/went crazy thinking he’s a tomato/died/etc.

So, how often is pot really laced with anything? I’m guessing almost all the time, pot is cheaper to just grow and sell than to lace oregano with some sort of drug like PCP. But what says youse guys?

Well I used to know people who did this themselves, cocaine and formaldehyde.

Since pot is about the cheapest street drug(hydro excepted), the economics of giving away something else in it, do not make sense. Drug dealers may not be the smartest of folks but they do understand the concept of profit.

My two cents


I, myself, have done extensive research in this area. Extensive, believe me. And I not once ever came upon any additive that wasn’t explicitly mentioned, or charged an admission price for. Nowadays, however, the youngsters need not even concern themselves with this, as I hear the quality of today’s herb is astounding.

Kinda hard to lace bud with anything anyway, unless they spray it with some shit? It’s not like the buds have already been ground up for you. They’re usually dried, or a bit sticky, “fingers” of whole marijuana leaves, which makes it pretty difficult to disguise or even dilute with “filler” or some other substitute.

And like other’s said, why would a dealer waste a heavier drug like that (and his reputation)? It may be the black market, but it’s still business.

Done for personal use? Sure. Laced for resale? Um, no.


I’ve smoked hashish that was “laced” with opium. But obviously, I was told so and it was priced accordingly.

I’m guessing if this has come up lately, it is about herbs laced with so-called synthetic cannabis. I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of the black market or anything but my understanding is that they apply these synthetic compounds to low-grade marijuana (or, hell, oregano) to sell it as the higher-end stuff.

Marijuana is fairly inexpensive compared to other illegal drugs and it wouldn’t make sense to add a pricey adulterant without disclosing to the buyer the reason for the marked price hike. While synthetic cannabis was legal, it was probably an easy way to boost the apparent efficacy with a minimal price hike.

The prospect of MJ being intentionally laced with other mood-altering substances has been pretty well covered, so I’ll go off on a related tangent…

Rather than “intentionally laced”, “unintentionally tainted” is much more of a legitimate concern for any unregulated, underground, illicit, independently-produced substance you consume. Anything from mold/mycotoxins, pesticides, and fertilizers could be a concern. Then, depending on the source and how it was transported, there may have been any manner of masking agents or other substances that could have inadvertently leeched into the product where ever it was hidden away. And on the much less serious, but much more gross part of the spectrum, it’s quite common for the retail distributors of MJ to stash that bag they’re about to sell you down their pants, amongst their junk during transport. :o

So, while it’s quite unlikely that anyone would intentionally dope your dope, if it gets accidentally tainted, there’s a built-in incentive for them to ignore/hide the issue, since throwing out a whole batch is likely to be a significant hit to their finances. It’s not like they have to worry about any regulations, recalls, or getting sued or whatever.

Of course, most of these concerns can be largely mitigated by being a shrewd consumer who closely inspects what they buy/consume and trusts the person they bought it from to be discerning and do the same. The more stable, regular, and direct the supply chain is, the less you’d expect these sorts of issues. OTOH, picking up a sack from a stranger on the street might be cause for extra caution, as it would be for any other product.

In the 70s I used to hear about opiated pot, but I don’t know that there was ever any evidence.

I mentioned above that I smoked that. Note, however that I had no proof that it was laced with opium. However, it had a very distinctive effect, so it had to be mixed with some other mind-altering substance, and I see no reason to assume it wasn’t opium as stated.

In another life I knew a guy who sold. If he had to stretch his current shipment, he would “lace” it with water from a spray bottle so that when he broke off a bud and threw it on the scale in front of a customer, it would weigh more.

Yeah I considered mentioning that common scale-tipping tactic, but since that’s not really laced, tainted, or related to any kind of health concern, it’s not very relevant unless the water itself was tainted somehow.

Anecdote, not evidence:

Long ago, in a time well covered by the statute of limitations, I used to smoke marijuana on a regular basis. I still do, but I used to, too. [/Mitch] Not a huge user, but over the years a lot of purchases were made, and many people shared their product with me.

I’ve smoked kind bud, Mexican ditch weed, some dude’s leaf trimmings, and my share of oregano; a fairly extensive sampling, one might say.

On some occasions, my friends (not me) would add a pinch of cocaine to the bud while rolling a joint. I’m not a fan of cocaine; in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt any effect from using it, even directly. Smoking these joints did nothing for me that a non-laced joint did.

But, once, on one single occasion, I smoked a joint with someone I didn’t know very well… and I still don’t know what it was, but it was laced with something. I had a very distinct, very intense reaction to that particular joint. Definitely a drug, psychoactive effects I can’t really describe, but unlike any other chemical I’ve ever imbibed, and let me remind you I’m not unexperienced in these matters. I’ve not used heroin, but I’ve had morphine in the hospital and opioid drugs after surgery, and it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t LSD or mushrooms, not that type of hallucinatory effect. Just an intense, “I’m on some kind of drug” feeling. This leads me to believe it was probably PCP; I don’t plan on ever using it to find out for sure. It could also have been formaldehyde, or something else I don’t know, and of course there’s the hypothesis that it wasn’t anything at all (although I’m sure I felt something).

So, that’s one time out of however many thousands. It happens, but it’s rare.

And I agree that if someone were to sell you pot laced with something you’d want in it, you’d know, because they’d tell you so they could charge you more for it. Whether it’s actually in it or not.

They’re evil undead PCP-zombie pirates! They’re not going to be freshly bathed and wearing tuxes!

In the early 70’s you heard scare stories about weed having been sprayed with Paraquat.

“Whoaaa, dude! What if someone laced my weed with more weed?!”


“I know, right?!”



I could have written your post. But in my case, that one time was when I was chasing this girl who lived on the other side of the tracks, and she went down the street specifically to get me a joint that I (and only I) “just haaad to try.” :dubious: Then she sat there watching me way too closely while trading glances and giggles with her cousin. Yup, she apparently set me up with a geeked joint of some sort so as to ease her ability to pawn me off on her awaiting cousin. :o Yup, I was the victim of a date-rape drugging! (Hey, you drugged my drugs!) Not really though, because I was pretty fully aware of what was going on at all times, I just didn’t care much since I was having fun feeling my whole mind and body pulsate and vibrate. But hey, although I preferred my original target of desire, back then I was taking what I could get!

But still, both our anecdotes are besides the point of the OP, in that this wasn’t weed we *bought *from a dealer who had laced it to sell to people unaware that it was laced. Someone could lace people’s Coca-Cola, but you don’t see Coke being called dangerous because it is sometimes laced.

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