Lack of a good game site. I miss Daily Radar

I need a place to get my fix!
I miss you Daily Radar :frowning: PC Gamer is the pits now and nobody will ever get anywhere close to your quality.

Anyone have anything close to Daily Radar?

Alas, nothing can replace The Daily Radar…those SCHMUCKS! Grrr…I’m still steaming from that site being closed down.


There’s Gamespy

And even though I went through five months’ worth of archives on my weblog, those are the only ones I found. A friend of mine swears by those, and he = heavy-duty gamer geek.

Yeah, I miss it too. I remember years ago when I lived in Vancouver I bought this odd new magazine at my corner grocery store. It was in a white cover and made out of really cool paper. It was the 1st issue of Next-Generation. I didn’t buy the next issue (or two) but bought almost all of them after until 98 or so. It was a pitty they stopped making that mag, too. The website was good, go turned into daily-radar (they had a great Q&A) and finally I guess morphed into IGN.

I do wish they were still either daily radar or even Next-Gen though. Oh well.

Assuming you want general PC gaming news, Gone Gold is a good place to look. It’s not great for reviews, but it is a good general news site.

Aside from that, I’d recommend getting more specific with your interests - I’ve found that the best news sites generally cover a genre rather than PC gaming as a whole. My preferences lead me to RPGVault (RPGs), Apolyton (Civ-style games), and Gameforms (console mind games) for news of interest to me. There are sites out there for almost every conceivable sub-genre; the trick is finding them.