Ladies, A question about PMS.

I should be locked up for being a danger to myself and others during PMS. Besides the bitchyness, I am very klutzy.

This morning alone I have: tripped over the dog’s water dish, making a big mess, dropped the can of coffee, making a big mess and dropped the empty coffee pot, shattering it and making a big mess.

Does anyone else have this problem during PMS ?

Ouch, and I just slammed my knee into my computer desk and scratched myself.:frowning:

Nope. I’m clumsy all the time :slight_smile:

no, I just get over-sensitive and weepy.
But that’s during ovulation, not during my periods.

I’m only klutzy when I’m really tired.

Yes, klutzy and either ready to rip the head off the offending item, even if it doesn’t have one, or quickly crunching up into a ball of tears because “I can’t do anything right.”
Fun, isnt’ it?

Me three. It’s as if I can’t do anything carefully enough. Somehow every month I get amnesia about it too and forget that it’s pms. I just think the whole world has become too difficult for me to cope with and I need to go retire to some magical childproof place. Last week I knocked a glass of sugary iced coffee off the desk and into my purse and just sat on the floor crying over it. I just thought the world had become too cruel to bear any more.

I get bitchy and depressed, but not clutzy. Menopause can make you clutzy, though, I see that around here pretty often. (:P, Mom!)

It doesn’t help when you really have something to be depressed over and you get one one of those hormonal emotional freefalls. I’m STILL trying to get over the breakup with my fiance, but every month I go through a couple of days of PURE HELL about it, while the rest of the time I’m mostly okay.

I really must get back on the pill just so that I can skip all of this. A couple of months ago I ended up in bed crying all afternoon. This is just Not Normal, even for me, and I’m not exactly Normal.

Yes, very clumsy.
I am also (as well as all the standard symptoms) incredibly sensitive to taste and smell at this time. On occasions I have had to leave food because it tasted like it was marinated in road-salt, though others found no problem with it.

I definitely experience Dropsy Day from time to time, and it is somehow related to hormones. It doesn’t happen reliably every month, though, so I haven’t got it pinpointed well enough to circle on the calendar yet.

Yes. Prozac helps…

Yes! I think it’s due to the fatigue I experience during PMS. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy (which makes me klutzy). I think it’s due to a blood pressure drop during that time.

That is my excuse, at least, for being inexplicably accident prone…

I go through klutzy phases, but I don’t think they have anything to do with PMS…I think it’s more that I trip over something, and then inexplicably continue injuring myself for the rest of the day.

My PMS centers around finding sappy commercials and cheesy movies really moving. And I know it’s just the PMS–I know I don’t really find the Kodak commercials that touching–but I can’t help welling up anyway.

I don’t get bitchy (usually). I just cry a hell of a lot more easily.

Very clumsy. And the next day, never fails, migraine.

Like today :frowning:

And yesterday :frowning:

Yes, klutzy.

Not as klutzy as I am bitchy, though.

The 7 Dwarves of PMS:


Klutzy isn’t one of my dwarfs, I’m always somewhat clumsy :smiley:

My dwarfs:
Nauseous (the first two rarely travel together)

I think I’d actually rather be clumsy than weepy. Even cartoons can make me cry then.

I get clumsy (can’t type worth a damn, for instance, and trip over things and drop things, but the typing is the biggest real problem) and I also get very very inarticulate-- my vocabulary plummets. I try not to have to write much for a particular 3 day section of the month.

As we speak…or type. I’ve taken 6 sinus tablets in the last four or so hours to try to stem the tide of what I know will be a two-day- minimum event of brain crushing pain. And this on the eve of my two deadline days. I finally turned to the one thing that may not relieve the pain, but will make it not matter for a few moments…chocolate. Chocolate ice cream cone, to be exact. It had to be done.

Urgh. Yeah, ‘clumsy’ is my name once a month.

As is:
no appetite, grumpy, mood-swingy, weepy, crampy, achey, sleepy, antisocial, sad…

Isn’t it great to be a woman? :rolleyes:

Oh quit yer’ bitchin you whingeing women. You’d bloody complain about anything. A bit of a twinge and a bit of a mediocre mood and you’d think that the sky was falling in. Geez…give us a break will ya?

(Have impatience and intolerance been mentioned yet??):smiley: :smiley:

I’m not exactly naturally graceful, but PMS doesn’t help. It seems to go in waves; for several months, my PMS may be bitchy and tired, the another series of months depressed and clumsy, and so on.

I’m fortunately not in a clumsy wave (but rather a self-hating, depressed wave…yuck, give me bitchy any week!), but I had a very notable series of messes not long after I got married. This meant we had lots of new table settings (fortunately the china has been spared), and mercy. Soooooo many of them are chipped right now it still honks my horn. I think I only outright broke 4 of them, though. But…half the pasta bowls have big ass chips on the rims!