Ladies and gentlemen, I give you....Journey

The greatest flash movie featuring Journey ever made —> Don’t Stop Believn’

And how many flash movies featuring Journey are there?

This is great. :slight_smile:

Please say that this is the only one.

Heaven is indeed just a funky moose.

Man, that’s profound.

Err… umm…

<blood shoots out of Simetra’s nose as he falls to the ground in a lifeless heap>

Oh well, at least heaven is a funky moose… I’m gonna be sayin’ that for days. :slight_smile:

That was funny as hell.

You can also find a bunch of fun flash movies at They have a bunch of funny little games, too, where you can kill off a bunch of pop stars and basically annoying people.

The funniest point of the movie for me = “Eat These Licks!”

Gotta love that solo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha…one of my favorite bars in D.C., The Raven, started attracting trendy little hipsters a few years back. My friend Tom and I learned that they could be cleared out by filling the jukebox with a full hour of Journey tunes. :smiley:

Holy shit, MAGDALENE! I live right around the corner from the Raven (my frisbee team is named after it) and have found the opposite to be true. I have enjoyed full bar sing alongs of Don’t Stop Believin’, as well as many Bon Jovi and Skid Row tunes.

They took Journey’s Greatest Hits off of the jukebox months ago, however.

Does anyone remember the Journey video game for the Atari 2600? Check out this commercial for the video game that’s an absolute hoot! “Live To Rock Another Day!”…hee hee…gotta love that Casey Kasem The game absolutely blew, but I remember playing the hell out of it for some reason.

Oh, and BTW, “Escape” was the first album I ever owned, and on vinyl no less.

That was probably because of us.

Well, say hi to Mount Pleasant for me. If you go to Haydee’s on Thursday nights, you’ll see all my D.C. friends at the large table of gringos (with a few Salvadorans mixed in for English lessons and crude “guy talk”) closest to the jukebox. They like it when strangers buy them drinks.

Oh DUDE, has anyone here ever played Slap a Spice Girl?

Yup…nothing says the spirit of America like a bad flash movie featuring Journey…:smiley:


The horror…the horror…
That made me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself.


That’s “streetlight people, living just to find emotion”.

But Steve does slur it pretty badly.

Pharoah sure can play a wicked axe. And if “Don’t Stop Believing” is rocking its way around The Good Book, I’m definitely going to church more often.

But what the hell was up with the piss stream that could light hair on fire? Was that Rapture?

:::: rocking self on the floor, banging head on the wall ::::::

Make it stop, make it stop, please, make it stop…

Okay, remember, Cranky is a natural blonde…

I couldn’t quite figger out what I was seeing here. I thought at first it was a movie done by some 6th grader stuck in a time warp. You know, I just learned how to do flash movies, I love this band, this song can be so deep and filled with meaning and symbolism about peace and love, not to mention it ROCKS!! Let’s do a movie about it, woo-hoo! School project! And oh yeah, I’m high on jesus so let’s add some of that stuff, too.

But with the moose, and the other crap, I thought well, maybe this is a satire.

I’d laugh harder if I thought the person was trying to be serious.

I forgot how big Steve Perry’s nose is.

Cranky, don’t forget the oh-so-stylish Mullet!