Ladies: can you recommend an OTC skin lightener?

I have some sun damage that comes from being the palest of the pale genetic crap shoot. I have meticulously worn SPF 15 for 10 years and still have spots.

Has anyone out there tried an Over the Counter product that actually works?

Can’t recommend anything but a good tinted moisturizer or concealer. Just stay away from anything with hydroquinone.

Interesting. Loads of product have that ingredient. Thanks for the heads up!

I’m not sure why she needs to stay away from hydroquinone as long as she’s going to use it in a proper manner.

If you are using a HQ product you MUST stay out of the sun and an spf 15 won’t do it - you need a hat and an spf 30 at least. It is by far the most effective skin lightener there is.

However, if you’re scared of HQ, topical Vitamin C is pretty good - I’ve used it with very good results and I’m also pale and white like a fish belly.

If you’re going to try it, make sure two things:

  1. It’s in a sealed capsule


  1. It’s in an airtight pump.

Vit C reacts with the air so if it’s an added item in a regular tub of cream it’s not going to do shit. It needs to be protected from the air until you put it on.

The two that I’ve used with excellent results are Elizabeth Arden Vit C Caps, or Neostrata Vit C Caps or concetrated Vit C serum in the pump. The Elizabeth Arden stuff you can get in the US for sure, the Neostrata stuff you may need to hunt for but it’s the same stuff and a lot cheaper.

I got a complete set of fancy skincare stuff once from BioMedic, which included this 2% hydoquinone cream

I used it without disastrous results. OTOH, I didn’t have any dark spots I was trying to treat, I was just using it to try out their complete skincare regimen. I liked the products well enough, but they do extensive damage to the wallet.

Somewhere on this board there was a recommendation for either Miracle Whip or Mayo to be used as a facial.

I think I’ll give it a try.

It’s Miracle Whip. Unless you have very, very oily skin don’t bother - it will dry your face out and make it feel tight and horrible. Sadly, I am speaking from experience.