Please recommend something for age spots

Arrgh. I am not that old, really. It is just that I am fair-skinned. Anyway, I have to admit it–those dark spots on my cheeks aren’t going away.

I had a facial a few weeks ago, and the person used something on them that really faded them for a few days. Alas, the facial was while I was on vacation and when a friend of mine went back to the spa to see if she could buy some of the cream, the person doesn’t work there anymore and my friend thought it was concealer I was after. Without the person who used it to correct her mistake, she didn’t get the right stuff and I don’t feel right sending her back there again.

So, aged ladies…I mean, wise women of the dope, I am turning to you. Anybody had good luck with any products meant to fade, rather than just conceal, age spots?

I wonder what she used to fade them that fast. I have dark spots from sun damage that I’ve faded with hydroquinone gel. The one I use is Neostrata HQ but I think it the US you can only get that through a derm. It only works after using it a few weeks and if I’m not consistent about sunscreen they get darker again. You can get hydroquinone creams or gels anywhere I think. There are usually a lot of brands in the African American section of the drugstore where they keep all the hair care stuff.

AHA creams help too. I don’t know what she would have used to make them fade right away but it was probably something with AHA or kojic acid. Some of the high end cosmetics counters will have ‘whitening’ creams. Shisedo has one I believe.

Tri-Luma. Prescription only, but works quickly. Not always a permanent fix, but works quickly. See the website…

Do Porcelana and Esoterica still exist?