Ladies, can you tell me about the LEEP? (probably TMI - gyno related)

A couple weeks ago I found out I had an abnormal PAP result. Today I went in for a colposcopy + biopsy. It’s “high grade” so my doctor said the next step will most likely be the LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure).

I made a BIG mistake and watched a video of the LEEP on Youtube. :eek::smack: What the hell was I thinking? I should’ve known better than to watch that.

So now I’m thoroughly paranoid… What can you tell me about it? How painful is the procedure? And afterwards?

Erm… check your PM.

Ditto. :slight_smile:

IME, which is certainly not definitive, it’s uncomfortable, but not especially painful. I experienced bleeding and cramping afterward, but again, not terribly painful. Above all don’t panic. I’ve had five LEEPs, and I’m not even sure how many colposcopies, and I’m cancer free. I’ve NEVER had a “normal” pap smear, so while I always take my doctor’s advice and have all the recommended tests, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s “normal”, and then there’s “normal for ME.” Good luck!

Mrs Johnson, I had one over 15 years ago. This was before the internet and YouTube so at the time I had no real idea what was happening, and I don’t recall it being painful or even uncomfortable. Years later, when I happened to see a video of the procedure somewhere, I was pretty shocked at how… oogy… it was. I definitely would have been more scared if I had known exactly what was going on.

Anyway, I have had normal paps for a long time now, so it must have worked.

Don’t worry, it probably won’t be any worse than the colposcopy was. Good luck, please try not to be scared!

Had one in April. I had NO pain afterwards and almost no bleeding, although . . . stuff came out–I think it was medicine or other gunk they put up there. The worst part for me was the IV. I woke up in the hospital, my sister drove me home, I napped for about three hours, and my then boyfriend came over thinking he would have to help me but I felt great and wanted to go out.

The only thing is . . . the LEEP didn’t work, and I still have abnormal cells. Even with a pretty decent insurance plan I had to pay $900 for this one, and I don’t want to have to do that again.

After years of good paps, I had a bad one last December. Was to get a LEEP with my gyno, but he’d wanted to put me under for it. I didn’t want that, so found a new gyno. She was great. The shot (they stick a needle into your cervix to numb it, yeah) I did not even feel at all. i was amazed. They had a cd player and if I’d known that, they said i could’ve brought a cd to play. It took maybe an hour, but there was no pain, though the thing they give you makes your legs shake a bit, which was kindof fun really.
I had discharge for about three weeks after, and they got everything. I have another pap coming up next month.

That’s for the responses and PMs.
I’m glad to know it feel as bad as the video looks. Depending on the biopsy results I might request for the doctor to wait and do a repeat PAP in 6 months or so, then the LEEP if it is still necessary. The doc did say that it often disappears on it’s own (depending on the severity, of course). Everything I’ve read says that cervical cancer is very slow growing. It’s all quite confusing.