Ladies, date old-looking young man or young-looking old man?

Ladies, you’ve just met “The One.” He’s attractive, funny, smart, kind, caring, owns his own home, has a well paying job, is close to his family, has traveled the world, is well read – plus everything else you’ve ever dreamt of finding in a guy.

The thing is, candidate 1 is old – old like your dad. But he won the genetic lottery so he looks completely young. He’s gorgeous – his hair is un-greyed, he has nary a wrinkle, his step lively, his skin glows youthfully, and his voice strong and clear. And he’s never had plastic surgery, been botoxed, or had any other age-regression treatment. His looks are completely natural.

Candidate 2 is the same age or younger than you, but life has not been kind. He’s still handsome in a distinguished sort of way, but the wrinkles are pronounced, his thinning hair shockingly grey, his step stooped, his skin like parchment, and his voice raspy and tired. People who see him with you think he’s your dad.

Both these gentlemen’s attitudes and behaviors are similar to yours, they have interests in the same areas you do, similar musical tastes, same films, you have great conversations about all sorts of interesting things, etc. – in other words, both of these candidates are very compatible with you.

Who would you choose? And why?

(And for those of you who feel you have to answer “neither,” please realize this poll is for those who recognize that he is “The One!” An answer of “neither” means that he’s NOT “The One.”

I’m not a vain person (nor would my ideal lover be monogamous, so I wouldn’t have to choose), but hey. Let’s pretend.

The young guy who looks tired (hereafter referred to as “Uglydood”) now is going to look like a shitball when he hits the old guy’s (hereafter referred to as “Hotsauce”) age. Although Hotsauce will die sooner, I don’t plan to live past 60 anyway.

And Uglydood won’t have as good long-term career prospects, since looks matter in the business world.

And it wouldn’t hurt to have cuter babies. Theoretically, I choose Hotsauce. Realistically, I’d probably choose Uglydood because I find it harder to relate to people 20 or more years older than me. The pop culture literacy just isn’t there with the generation gap, and that goes both ways. It’d be kind of awkward to reminisce about playing Mario and watching Power Rangers when he’s reminiscing about… I dunno, Vietnam or something.

I choose old looking young guy, because I love silver foxes. Also, the older guy is going to die sooner. Due to his age, his sperm isn’t as good. I don’t know if I want kids, but I know after a certain age it’s not a good idea. Older guy reached that age. Also, if he’s my dad’s age, I don’t want to think about all of his ex. He could have been married before. He could have kids my age. lol You never said he wasn’t married before. :wink: Also, it’s even weirder he would be old enough to have a kid in their 20s (my age) and he’s never been married or engaged before. Looks only go so far.

I’m just trying to think of all the ways that Candidate 2 looks the way he does, and almost all involve meth. How old are “old” and “young” here?

In the OP, “old” is as old as your father, “young” is your age or younger. And for the sake of argument, let’s say the younger dude was involved in an industrial accident as a youth that while it didn’t damage his DNA, it left him vulnerable to oxidative damage, causing his premature aging.

I’d choose the hottie. Women can be visual creatures, too.

I would never be with a man I didn’t find physically attractive, no matter how great their personality. Prematurely ancient at 26 is a bad prognosis. Hottie please.

My boyfriend is 17 years older than me (11 years younger than my father) and yet more attractive to me physically than most men closer to my age. He doesn’t have ‘no visible signs of aging’ but he easily passes for 10 years younger than he is.

I’ve related better to adults than my peers since I was a kid, so those kind of generational differences are never a problem.

At my age, this becomes a choice between an old guy and a really old guy. A healthy-looking really old guy is probably a better bet.

I’d rather have a healthy, young looking older man. Clearly, he’s in good shape, he’s probably got some money (gym memberships, etc. cost money) and he’s more likely to be settled in life.

That said, I married a man three years younger than me and I can’t wait until the salt and pepper starts in…