Ladies: Do you coordinate your underthings with your outfits?

I don’t just mean in a practical way like, wearing a black bra under a black blouse, or white panties under white pants/skirt.
But, what if you had a pair of panties, that just happened to match your favorite purple sweater? Would you be more likely to wear those panties with the sweater?

Nine times out of ten, I match my undies to my top. Almost all my brassieres are black, so they don’t always match my undies.

Giggity giggity giggity! :slight_smile:

Yep, whenever I possibly can, I do. I have been known to shop for thongs that match a new top …

When I can’t match the top, I wear a neutral pair of panties that goes with everything, or at least that matches my pants.

Since I got pregnant, my underwear collection is not quite as extensive (or cute) but I still do what I can …

I usually try to match my socks to whatever shirt I’m wearing.

I do. Especially when going out to an event like a formal dinner, wedding, party, etc.

Even though no one other than my husband will see the undergarments, it makes me feel more ‘put together’ just knowing I’m completely coordinated.

Purple shirt? Purple bra and undies! Pink sweater? Pink panties! It just feels sexy.

This has absolutely never occured to me to do. Hmmmm. I may have to go shopping.

Sometimes I do. I just feel more properly dressed that way.


All of my underwear and bras are black, and so are most of my clothes. So they all match, by happy coincidence.

No, almost never. I buy lots of brightly-colored undies but am almost always subdued in my outerwear, especially fo work. Lots of black, maroon, khaki, gray, etc. But my underwear are…neon green! Or hot pink!

It is for this reason (OK, among others) that I try not to wear low-rise, ill-fitting pants that will expose my panties when I’m sitting or bending over. Eeee.

What is this “coordinate” of which you speak?


No, but they could probably match. Most of my panties are white, my bras come in three colors (black, white, nude/beige). I bet white panties match with almost any top, but it’s not something I look for. I prefer them to be comfy and clean, and besides, nobody is supposed to see them.

Can I ask for some restraint in needlessly discriminating against sex and/or gender? :wink:

Never! This is mostly because I have to dress very conservatively at work, so I mostly wear grays and blacks (though today I’m wearing a yellow sweater!).

Since I have to eschew color in my outside wardrobe, I tend to go very bright and funky with my underthings. Lately it’s been neons and summery colors. I lurves Victoria’s Secret. I haven’t bought underwear anywhere else in forever.

This thread makes me want to go buy underwear…It’s so bad for my wallet to be working in Copley.

Sometimes I do this, but it is my husband who is just thrilled when his underwear matches not only his T-shirt, but if my ensemble for the day also matches his!

No, and it honestly hadn’t even occurred to me to do that. I’m just not very girly.

As if I didn’t have enough shit to worry about getting ready in the morning!

As a hetero male with far too much interest in fashion and style, I’d like to thank all those women who do take the trouble to match their unmentionables. I, of course, have no way of knowing who does or does not. I just assume/imagine most women do. It gets me through most long office meetings. :smiley:

I have to wear very conservative clothes at work.

So my undies are usually the opposite: bright, with flowers or purple or something.

'S my little secret.