Are You a Panty/Bra Matcher?

I try to be.

However, today I am wearing a shiney gold bra with black roses and black velvet straps. My panties are black with big purple, pink, and teal magnolias. They couldn’t be more opposite.

I am making plans at how I am going to do the locker room thing at the gym today.

God forbid I have a medical emergency! :eek:

I always match my bra and panties.

I really try to match my bra and apanties, but usually don’t. When I go out, I always do, but when I’m just sluffing around, not so much.

Well, ah, ahem. From this boy’s perspective, every time my past GFs have dressed to match, it’s like unwrapping a very, very special present. :wink: Just had to share that.

Always. Today they are both khaki green, and incidentally, so is my outfit. Most of both are white, but I also have navy, black, charcoal grey, lighter grey, and burgundy.

I have bought panties that I liked (navy with white stars and yellow moons) and then hunted down a bra I could wear with them (plain navy). It can be hard - I like both the bras and panties to be cotton, and thong or g-string style panties.

Should this thread be titled, “Mmmm, what are you wearing?” :wink:

Nope. Since I’ve got mostly white bras and some white underwear then sometimes they do match, but I don’t put any thought into it unless I’m wearing an all-white outfit (almost never).

I do have a friend who not only matches her bra to her underwear but also makes sure that her bra/underwear combo is coordinated with the rest of her clothes.

My bra and panties must match or I just don’t feel right! It’s usually all white, sometimes all black, and once in a while, all red.

Ticks me off that it’s so hard to find those cute matching sets in my size-- they seem to stop at C.

Matching is an unreasonable dream, with my dryer ruining or losing things. Mostly I have white anyway, because I like white blouses.

I used to be, and am on weekdays now… but when I don’t have to wear “work clothes”, I wear men’s boxers and they’re usually plaid or striped, so I stick with basic black or white. Half the time my clothes (non-work) don’t even match, so why bother? :wink:

mmmmmm now that’s what I’d like to be in my next life!

Pictures, ladies. We want pictures!


Please continue.

No, I never match. I have one set of matching stuff and I can’t even wear the bra anymore. I have two bras I can wear and that is it. Almost always white.
Right now I am pregnant so I just wake up and wrap a tarp around each breast and one around my butt. Breasts are supposed to shrink after childbirth. Maybe I’ll wear my cute matching outfits again! Of course, that’s what got me into this condition in the first place.

I usually have matching bras and panties on, but that is really by chance. Almost all of my thongs are black and all but one bra I have is black.

I have a question. I don’t generally wear panties, so would I match by default?

Same thing with my wife. If it matches in the morning, I know I’ve got a good night ahead.

And if I may add in relation to the other responses, <drooooool>

Since I have neither on right now, why yes they match. :smiley:

Actually in my days before going commando and when I had a lot of money to spend, yes. My bra had to match my underwear and my socks too. It always depended upon what I was wearing on the outside.

Sometimes. I try, especially on gym days or when I just want to feel pretty, but it usually ends up not working out because I’m still half asleep in the morning and dont’ feel like digging through my undies drawer to find coordinating pieces. Today I match, though. Leopard print.

Why do men call “underwear” underwear and women call “underwear” panties? Always wondered that?

Almost never. My bras are all completely uninteresting whites/grays/blacks, whereas my panties come in an array of colors and patterns (kicky stripes, delicate flowers, the occassional leopard print). It just doesn’t work out… Nevermind the fact that, like racinchikki, I’m usually too exhausted to coordinate my underwear.

Wildest Bill: I think it’s because for men, underwear = boxers/briefs/whatever-you-use-to-cover-your-lower-half, while for women, underwear = panties and bras. Just a guess.

Mine always do. I have a few white sets, a red set, four very racy black sets, a lilac lace set, and a blue set. I like bikinis myself.

Today I am wearing a silver Body by Victoria bra with matching tanga bottoms (like boy-cut, only sexier).

Although I admit that when I turned in late the night before, I usually wake up, throw on some Jockies and a sports bra, and don’t worry about it.

I just like to feel pretty - and you never know when some gorgeous hunk of man will come out of the blue, throw me against a wall, and rip off my work clothes.

Girl’s gotta be prepared! :slight_smile: