Ladies, help me choose a bag.

My everyday leather bag is pretty much worn to bits after several years of hard use, so it’s time for a new one. I want to get a bright color this time, but I’m having a ridiculously difficult time trying to decide.

Blue Shoulder Bag
Green Shoulder Bag
Powder Blue Bag

I also like this one, but it’s a fabric bag with no zipper . . . I need a sturdy bag, and when I’m travelling, zippers make me feel marginally safer when it comes to pickpockets.

So, ladies, what say you?

It’s almost spring, and the powder blue bag looks spring-like to me. Will it go with your spring jackets/coats? It looks nice.

If you are only going to have one bag go blue. The green is to dark for spring/summer and the powder blue is too light for fall/winter. The blue works for all I think,

Maybe the fabric. I detest lambskin bags. They scratch easily and the leather is prone to discoloration (i.e. fading). Other leathers are cheaper and of better quality. Lambskin equals too much babying.

I really don’t think lighter colored bags hold up well. If you’re just using it for the season this year, it’s fine, but it won’t hold up for more than a year and still look nice, IMO. It will start to look dirty where the light blue wears.

I like the green one, but the darker blue is nice, too.

If you like travel-friendly bags and aren’t set on leather, I love the Travelon brand. But I’m an inner-city dweller and so use a larger shoulder cross-body style so I’m hands-free. If I used a car every day I might go with something different.

I like the blue one, but I’m a bit scared of it - the green one is more similar to what I usually buy. But I suppose I could muster up some courage to be more adventurous this season. :slight_smile:

Good point about the lighter colored bags . . . I’m pretty hard on my belongings.

The green one! The green one! (Also: I WANT IT!)

Really, if it’s going to be your main bag, get the green one. I consider green a neutral, as there is green everywhere in nature. The blue one is also nice, but it’s too ‘blue’ - if it was a darker blue, it would go with everything just like the green one will. The lighter color will attract dirt and wear even if it spends most of its life on the passenger seat of your car. Don’t get a light color for full time use is my opinion.

Oh, the blue one, definitely. The green is good, too, but the blue is just… perfect. And I’m with you on the zippers.

I love them all, but I’m a bag-a-holic. (The last one–the mustard-colored one–is my least favorite, though.) I love the blue and the green the best. I have one the color of the first blue one, but it doesn’t go with everything. Still, it’s a gorgeous color.

I like the green one because it would look awesome with both my winter coat and a fall/spring one I have.

I was just given this one as a gift. I can’t get over how awesome it is; I sometimes just sit and look at it, it’s so pretty!

I love the powder-blue one, but (eyes her own lovely, but clearly very dirty, pale mauve bag) I agree with everyone who says it will get dirty extremely quickly.

I vote green. The blue is too vibrant for my taste, and the green will tone in with more outfits.

I hate you just a little because I’m now dying for that green bag.

If you’re only getting one the darker blue is probably a better choice but I really really want the green one.

Sorry, a guy here, but since I always buy bags for my wife, can I play along?

You should get the yellow Patchwork, but just not as your daily bag since it’s Suede and will show wear too easily. You should get it, though because you can never have too many casual bags. I’ve gotten my wife a backpack close to that color.

Although it snaps, there is a zipper pocket for your wallet.

For your workhorse, I noticed that both the blue and green show the model with the same maroon(?) version. One bag I got my wife is close to that color, but more on the red side. She tends toward more earthy colors, such as browns for coats so the green would work for her, although it’s not quite as neutral of a green as is common.

The blue is bold, and great if you’ve got the wardrobe for it. It would go excellent with lots of whites, blacks and vivid colors.

If you don’t have the wardrobe, you can always get it anyway and get new clothes. :slight_smile:

(Note to self: time to go buy my wife another bag.)

I like the darker blue. Not only is it the prettiest color, in my opinion, but it seems like i t will be versatile as well. Stay away from cloth bags. I don’ t know why but when ever I get a cloth bag it is filthy within a day.

I agree, and it’s a lovely shade.

No see purse! Want see purse! Fixie de linkie!

The green! It’s lovely.

Either the darker blue or the green one, for reasons others have suggested. Also, those lambskin bags come with a strap that looks long enough to use cross-body, which is great if you’re travelling - sling that thing on and you’ve got your hands free!

I like the orange one, but if you’re not sold on on fabric or the lack of zipper, go green.

And I thought I double-checked to make sure that link worked!

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