Need opinions on a bag

Okay, so here’s the deal. I like bags. Sadly, I don’t use them that often, but I’m trying to change that. I’m female, but I like more “guy” style bags–messengers, leather bags, etc. in dark or neutral colors. I hate purses and “girly” bags. Usually the ones I pick are very unisex–not overly masculine, but definitely leaning closer that way than feminine.

Awhile back, I fell in love with a bag I saw on the Mark Nason website. It wasn’t even in production yet. I checked back every now and then, and it was probably six months or longer before the little “coming soon” tag disappeared. Shortly after that, I found it at Zappo’s. Now, the thing was, I’d bought another Nason bag previously, but I sent it back because when I saw it in person, I didn’t like it. The leather was stiff, not soft, and it just didn’t work for me. So I sent it back. I was a little leery of buying another one, but Zappo’s has a very liberal return policy, so I went for it. It wasn’t cheap, but I did have the money and I won’t miss it whether I keep the bag or not.

When I saw it, I loved it. Aside from loving bags and leather, I also love dragons. And it was soft, more like a briefcase than a bag, and obviously quality-made. But my one concern was that maybe it’s too masculine, and that I’ll look weird carrying it. That’s where you guys come in.

I asked my spouse, and he told me he thought it looked like something either a gamer (of either gender) or a gay man would carry (both of which are fine with me–I am a gamer!) He didn’t think it was too masculine, but I don’t always trust his judgment on things like that. For the record, people who see me would probably mistake me for a lesbian–short hair, dress in jeans/T-shirts/athletic shoes, etc. I also tend to be kind of self-conscious and don’t like to stand out in crowds.

So, Dopers, what do you think? Here’s the bag:

Should I keep it and use it with pride without being worried that people are going to be looking at me funny, or send it back?

I love it, but it will get looked at.
It’s the kind of bag I would buy and then treasure in a closet, wishing I could pull it off but knowing I’d look more like a soccer mom carrying around her gamer child’s bag. But I still love it.

I can’t get to photobucket from work, and there are probably a few more in the same boat. can you give us a link to the Zappo’s pic?

I wish I could, but Zappos doesn’t seem to carry it anymore. Try here:

Click on “Mark Nason” at the bottom (not Lounge by Mark Nason), then click the “gear” link (“men’s” will be selected by default). It’s the middle bag on the second row–the brown briefcase-looking bag with a dragon on it, style #74140.

No self-respecting gay man (short of a leather daddy, and then only in very specific circumstances) would ever be caught wearing that bag. Dragons? That bag is the Three Wolf Moon of bags. The leather workmanship is definitely very good, and it’s got sort of a steampunk vibe, which is sort of “in” these days, but it looks like a piece of a costume, not something to be taken seriously.

It looks like a very cool bag. Of course, a bag’s “feel” is also important; apparently, this one has passed the test.

Not that, of course, there’s anything wrong with looking like a lesbian. But you might consider slightly more feminine tops, just as comfortable as t-shirts. Or earrings or even a touch of makeup. Just for the sake of variety.

Or you could join the throngs & buy one of the damned giraffe bags everybody is carrying. Invented by Dooney & Burke, I believe, but knocked off ad infinitum

(Go with the dragon!)

Hmm…you just caused a major moral dilemma.

Steampunk vibe? Bonus! I love steampunk.

Three Wolf Moon? Isn’t that like shorthand for “incredibly tacky”?


Yeah, it does actually feel pretty good. The leather is soft, and it hangs nicely.

Nah, that’s not me. I don’t mind at all looking like a lesbian. I go for the androgynous look, really. Makeup and girly things make me feel like I’m in drag. Sometimes I think things would be easier for me if I was actually gay. :slight_smile:

Yeah–like I said, I really hate purses. I hate it when people call any bag I carry my “purse.” So no giraffes for me. And if I did decide to go with one, I do kind of like the zebra prints I’ve been seeing around a lot. But I like them like I like babies–great for other people, but I don’t want one. :slight_smile:

Speaking as a woman, a gamer, and a geek, that is a big ol’ geek bag. A geek-with-some-money bag, sure, but still a big-time geek bag. And yeah, I think people are gonna be looking at you funny.

Edit: Looking through his other stuff, I think someone posted a pair of his boots here before, maybe the “Darkstar” boots on the last page of his website’s boot section, and people were expressing similar “it looks like a costume” sentiments.

It’s not a very versatile bag, and you need a very specific style and attitude to pull it off if you want to be considered fashionable while wearing it. A standard jeans and t-shirt coupled with “check out my schweet dragon bag” screams complete lack of fashion sense, which might not necessarily be bad. It doesn’t sound like being “in” or stylish is very high on your list of priorities, and the people you’re trying to attract are probably going to be “schweet dragon bag” kinds of people any way.

If you love it, buy it, and screw what the rest of us think. Ultimately, fashion is about expressing who you are. Go for it.

Well, I am a big ol’ geek with a job. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t like his boots at all. They look like something a trying-waaaaayyy-too-hard guy would wear to try to impress chicks (or guys). I also don’t like the fact that all his women’s stuff has roses on it. Not a dragon to be found anywhere.

Yeah, all my friends are big ol’ geeks too (most of them guys), and there’s such a big canyon between “me” and “fashion sense” that you wouldn’t be able to see across it with a high-powered telescope. :slight_smile: So yeah, I’m not worried about being fashionable. I am a little worried about being tacky, though. I don’t want my picture turning up on “People of WalMart” the first time I go out in public wearing the thing. :smiley:

Don’t we need a pic of you as well? Or even, dare I say it, you with the bag?

Heehee. That will not happen in this lifetime. I’m very camera-shy, and won’t voluntarily inflict pictures of myself on an unsuspecting internet. :slight_smile:

It’s not obvious enough for People of Wal-Mart, but someone might think you write poetry about Dragyns in your spare time if they look at it closely (and who cares what they think?). Most people, however, don’t look at things that closely, and because it’s not brightly colored, they’ll probably just see an ornate, steampunk-y leather bag.

I write stories about dragons, or at least I used to (in the Shadowrun RPG world). Does that count? :slight_smile:

I have no idea what a “Dragyn” is, but I think I’m better off keeping it that way. :smiley:

Giraffe is the new black.

I like the bag linked - I don’t think I’d worry about it being too gamey.

Oh, I really like it! I’m a girl, not a gamer at all. It’s a very cool bag. Admittedly, if it were mine, I would probably feel a little worried that the dragons might seem “costumey,” but if I were to see someone else with it I’d be like “Whoah! Awesome bag!” So, as you’re someone else, I say keep it and use it all the time.

Well, it’s not my cup of tea, but I wouldn’t look at you weird for using it.

Bags are really quite a personal accessory - I see lots of women carrying stuff that I personally wouldn’t use, but who cares? I’m sure people see some of my bags and cringe.

FWIW, the only time I look at someone and sort of wished they would have made a bit of an effort is if they’re carrying a gross, dirty grocery bag with their stuff poking through holes in it, but then I’m a snot-bitch, so there you go.

I find it to be convenient shorthand. :smiley:

I love it! And I am crazy for bags–I have bizarre feet, so I can’t buy multiple shoes like most women. I buy purses instead. I see nothing wrong at all with it, but of course I am somewhat on the dramatic side, as far as accessories are concerned. I would even consider that one subtle, with the tone on tone coloring. I would be more likely to carry that one in a bright red, though I would most definitely carry it in brown as well. Go for it! Now I’m on a search to find one for myself (don’t you just love Zappo’s!).