Ladies...question about going off the Pill

I stopped taking the Pill in early April due to the fact that it was driving me nuts (I was having a period every two weeks). Since mr. e and I are planning to start the baby-making in a couple of months, I’ve decided to stay off of it. However, since early April, I have NOT had a period. I’m not pregnant, and I’m getting PMS symptoms (holy crap, am I getting them - including bursting into tears in Sam’s Club in the frozen shrimp section and crying for 25 minutes straight into the cat’s back last night), but AF refuses to make an appearance.

Is this normal for going off the Pill? I was on Mircette, which is a progesterine-only pill (I can’t be on the kind with estrogen due to migraines, since they raise the chance of stroke). I don’t recall going so long without a period after quitting my Pill a year and a half ago, but that was Chryselle, which did contain estrogen. And I’m a little concerned that my cycle’s all screwed up now, which will mean difficulty in getting pregnant in a couple of months.

I hope this is normal - did this happen to any of you going off the Pill?


None of that sounds normal to me. Both getting your period every two weeks while on the pill, and not getting it for the last couple of months. Are you certain you’re not pregnant (ie, you’ve taken a pregnancy test recently. Most of the tests work better a few weeks into the pregnancy rather than the first couple.)

The crying could certainly be because you’re pregnant. I know I did a fair bit while I was pregnant (that and I had reason to).

I’d say you really should get yourself to a doctor to be checked over, just to be sure you’re not pregnant and to see what it could be if you aren’t.

Mircette progesterone-only? I was on it for a bit over a year. Do they have two different versions? Mine definitely had the estrogen. I can dig up some packaging, probably, for proof. I just switched from it to Loestrin due to mood reasons. I have heard that Mircette is often used for women with migraine problems. I got put on it because I was having nasty headaches (not officially diagnosed as migraines but had to be) during my periods on two different other pills. We’ll see how my head acts next time around, I guess, because I didn’t have any headaches this time, and I HAD to switch.

That being said…are you sure you’re not pregnant? I’ve gone off the pill a couple of times (out of a relationship, why bother?) and never had a problem. But I’ve never gone off of it while still having sex, either!

I’m about 99% positive that I’m not pregnant - I’ve been having my usual period cramps that I always get, and I’ve felt like my period is going to start any second. I’ve got one more test left, I guess I’ll suck it up and take it again - I took one two weeks ago - I probably would have been about three and a half weeks -four weeks pregnant. It came out negative. I just don’t think I’d be having my usual period cramps if I was actually pregnant.

whiterabbit, I could be totally off with the name - I tossed all my pills after quitting and I can’t remember the exact name. I pulled Mircette out of my ass, so I could be wrong.

Flutterby, I do have a reproductive physical appt with my doctor in two weeks on Friday to check on things. I’m leaving to go out of town on Tuesday, but I’m hoping to have my period by then. That’s basically to get the go-ahead to GET pregnant. I tried to get an earlier appt, but we seem to have so FEW OB-GYNs around here that it’s nearly impossible to get an appt before two weeks.

I just feel like I’m having horrible, week-long PMS. I can deal with the crying, I guess, I just wish it would go away. I’m scaring the hell out of my husband because I’m crying over everything.



No sweetie, early pregnancy causes cramps as well. At least it CAN and DOES in many women. You will feel like you’re getting ready to start, much like you’ve described. The mood swings, etc. are all symptoms of both, so I would test again.

Let us know how it turns out!

Oh, almost forgot. When I dropped off Depo, I “lost” my period for about 2 months while my body got adjusted. Which with Depo most women stop menstruating anyways, but my body had long since rejected it. I had a period for the last 6 weeks I was on it! :eek:

Well at least you’ve got an appointment to go to. Glad you made one before I started badgering you to :slight_smile:

And yes, cramping does happen in early pregnancy. I had it. I was about two months along before I realized and bought a test (too much happening in my life, just thought I was sick and PMSing and had totally lost track of when I should’ve had my period.) Do a quick google search and a bunch of pregnancy/parenting websites come up telling you that cramping is normal in the first trimester.

Definitely test again :slight_smile:

[slight hijack] A friend of mine recently found out that she was 7 months pregnant! Talk about a shocker! She’d been having periods the whole time AND taking birth control! Yikes! She’s due in a week, so we’ll see how that goes.[/hijack]

Hopefully things “normal out” for you pretty soon! IANAD, but it doesn’t sound like anything to be too worried about to me. Good luck!

Okay - I just took the last test in the box - very negative:). I would be ecstatic if it were positive, but I have another week to get off of some medication that I’m on, so I would prefer to be off of that. Plus, we’re incredibly careful with BC, especially while I’ve been on the meds - typically use two forms at a time, so those little suckers would have to get by a lot of stuff to be able to start a pregnancy:).

I just asked a couple of newly-pregnant friends how long it took to resume normality when they quit the Pill, and they’ve said it took a little while for the cycle to go back to normal. So I’m going to assume that this is just my body being all screwy and not wanting to get back to normal just yet.

PinkMarabou, I wonder if these pills are similar to Depo - I had a LOT of breakthrough bleeding on them, which I’ve never had on the Pill before, and they were just a pain in the ass. Maybe I just need a few more days to let things get back to normal.

Thanks for all of the advice - I really would LIKE to be pregnant, but I suspect this is my body being incredibly difficult and paying me back for putting it on those horrible pills.


Oh, yeah, I forgot…ummm, holy crap! Did they say how the baby is? How scary to only have two months to get ready for the baby! I’m dying to know what her docs said!


Hmm, I must be a strange one, I never had the slightest problem with my cycles going off the pill.

And no biggie on the Mircette, it just didn’t sound quite right.

At any rate, I hope you get all of this sorted out quickly. It sounds awful.

It was decades ago, and a different Pill, but:
Yes, I had that kind of reaction. First I didn’t menstruate for about 2 - 3 months, and then I started doing so every other week. I felt like garbage all the time; depressed, achy, awful. My OB/GYN determined that I was not, and never had been, pregnant. I needed to get a d&c and then I was fine. (It was later that I found out I had fertility problems and had never needed the b.c. pills to begin with, but that’s another story.)

No, whiterabbit, I never had any problems either. My cycle got a little shorter and that’s about it.

I’ll never understand stories like LoganDear’s. My kids were kicking my lights out by 7 months. Do they think it’s just gas?

I never had problems either going off the pill except for some stronger cramps.

I think it just chalks up to “every woman’s different.” I know a woman this happened to as well. She really wasn’t showing at all at 7.5 months (really), and had a history of digestive problems. Plus having your period the whole time could really throw you, I’d think. Can’t you see it: “maybe I’m… nah, I just had my period.”

Having a longer torso helps with this actually. I hardly looked pregnant at all when I walked into the hospital to deliver my son and I wore almost all my regular clothes throughout my pregnancy. The only clothing that I couldn’t still wear was my fitted stuff (and I still can’t because my hips are wider now. I’m finally getting them gone to second hand shops.)

I figure the only way I’ll actually look pregnant, as in huge belly and waddling during the third, is if I have multiples.

[slight hijack cont’d]

Check your email. I didn’t want to completely hijack the thread. :slight_smile:

But to answer cher3, she thought she had just been sick because she’d been under a lot of stress, thought she was gaining weight. I don’t really understand how it happened myself.

I can understand thinking the kicks may have been bad gas, but when I was that far along I could see body parts moving in there.

I believe the pill you’re thinking of might be Micron or something like that. Everytime I went off the pill I’d have my period right on time with exception to the last time. I was pregnant. My body has always been pretty regular though.

I have heard of women who just don’t test positive with urine tests.

When I was in college I went off the pill and didn’t get a period for nearly six months. It was heaven. It wasn’t that big a deal to me, but then again I wasn’t trying to get pregnant either. But I thought I’d just point out that such a long time to go without your period isn’t unheard of.

Elza B, it’s normal. It’s not nice or fun, but it’s normal.

Although they tell you to wait for one period after coming off the pill before you start trying to conceive, your dates aren’t really reliable if you get pregnant within 3-6 months of stopping.

When you do start trying for that baby, make sure you have a calendar handy to mark off when your period comes, days when you actually might have conceived, and (if you’re using ovulation tests or measuring your basal body temp) days when you think you might have ovulated. Trust me, it’ll make you OB’s life MUCH easier.

I’ve seen people who have had ultrasound scans that put their dates anywhere from 6 weeks earlier than they thought, to 10 weeks further along, because coming off the pill had messed things around a bit.