Ladies, step right up...

…and lie right down. I want to learn to be a better giver of oral sex. Inspired by the recent MPSIMS thread in which Glassy asks for blowjob advice, I’m now asking for yours on cunnilingus. I’ve performed it plenty of times, succeeded in bringing a few girls to orgasm that way, but I feel I could stand to learn a lot more. A few leading questions:

What works?

What doesn’t?

What should my hands/rest of me be doing while my face is busy?

Do you like it as an act to completion all its own, or prefer it as a prelude to vaginal sex?

Thanks in advance! The thing is, I LOVE doing it. I love doing it without any expectation of getting oral in return. I love doing it until a girl comes and then seeing if she can come again afterwards through vaginal sex.

Well, that’s something you might want to discuss before anybody comes doing anything. One orgasm is often plenty for us wimmenfolk, and nothing personal, but we just want to go to sleep afterwards. You might have to choose - one or the other, not both. :slight_smile:

It depends on the girl.

No, seriously. Some girls like it rough, some have sensitive clitorises that you can’t do that with. Honest to God, it depends on the woman. I knew a girl who had such a sensitive clitoris that she couldn’t use a single clitoral vibrator on the market because it’d come close to bruising it.

As for what to do with your hands - I suggest you ask the girl you’re planning on doing it to. :smiley: They’ll probably have some good ideas about what they’d like done to them.

I dunno about the other ladies on the board, but I feel useless while someone’s going down on me - like I should be doing something too. I, personally, like the 69 position for this reason alone. Some girls I’ve met gasp in horror at the idea of a 69. So…like I said…ask the woman you’re gonna do it to. :smiley:


See, and I don’t like 69, because I like to do one thing at a time! :wink: If I’m getting eaten out, I want to drift about six inches off the bed and just focus on the sensations in my (oh, my God, I almost used the word yoni) clit. If I’m sucking him at the same time, I feel like I should concentrate on giving him a good time, and I sort of forget to enjoy my own sensations.

One thing I personally like is tongue strokes over the whole labia, not just the clitoris. I also like (gentle!) sucking on the clitoris, as well as tonguing of the vagina. A finger or two in the vagina while your mouth is on the clit makes me very, very happy. Just keep it all moving around, and you’ll get the job done sooner or later.

I’m a multiple orgasm gal, so I like to come while you’re eating me out and then again during vaginal sex. I’d actually prefer cunnilingus and then vaginal - lets save fellatio and vaginal for another night. I get so worked up at being eaten out that at some point I just break and need to feel penetration NOW! To pause for fellatio really deflates my balloon. Same for t’other way 'round. I love to suck cock and at some point that gets me so excited that I want penetration. I rarely give blowjobs to completion, not because I won’t, but because I just want it inside me after I’ve been sucking on it for a while.

Thanks to everyone who’s responded so far. WhyNot, thanks to you in particular. This was the kind of nuts and bolts advice I was hoping for.

Keep 'em…um…coming? :smiley:

Here’s some advice from a non-female…

Take an hour of lovemaking before you touch anyone’s clitorus. After an hour of teasing and peripheral action, it will be sooooo ready and aching for your gentle touch. Don’t disappoint, but don’t concentrate too soon. Step back and return to it, more often and more forceful. Follow what her moans are telling you, but just give a little less than what she is begging for. Time it just right, not too much too soon (or you have nowhere to go, right?) and subtly access her G-spot just when she thinks it can’t get more intense.

It’ll leave her limp and grateful, with just enough loving left over for you. At least that’s been my experience – or else my lovers have been damn good actresses.

Makes you wonder – talk about context-sensitive advertising…the google ads below are showing three ads for exotic teas. :dubious:

An hour before you get to the point? That’s nice if you’re on vacation or something, but as a rule, I don’t have that kind of time.

Seriously, it all depends on the woman. And beyond that it depends on the moment. Sometimes things that work in one moment won’t in the next. Just pay attention to her reactions, and when in doubt, ask.

I’ve had lots of lovers.

I’ve only had one that knew what he was doing with regards to oral sex. That was several years ago, and to this day I can not enjoy oral sex unless it’s done in that way. It was that good- it literally ruined any other way for me.

It’s difficult for me to disclose such personal information on a public message board, but in the interest of the happiness of women everywhere, I will tell you that a finger or two is involved in conjunction with the sucking of a clitoris. My nether regions are extremely sensitive, and you’d think the direct stimulation would be too harsh but it’s not if I’m already raring to go.

I used to like the oral only up to a point, but then would want to switch to regular sex to orgasm. But with that particular method, orgasm is unavoidable and soon and multiple.
I can’t believe I just posted that in public. Thank og my mom is computer illiterate.

A finger or two in the vagina while going down is a nice addition, as has been said, and some women like one in the butt as well. Make sure you OK this with her first. It’s definitely not the kind of thing you want to surprise someone with. :mad: Personally, I like it when the person who’s going down on me wraps his or her arms around my thighs and gets in as close to me as possible–not just where it would be obvious. Also, I welcome tongue strokes over the entire vulva–quite nice. I’m apparently a little less sensitive than most women, as I enjoy have my clit sucked fairly hard and even gently nibbled on. Again, don’t do this unless you have permission. A little tongue action in the most sensitive part of the vagina, the entrance and the bit just beyond it, is great, too. Mostly, though, I’d like a finger or two there, either just resting inside or moving in and out gently, while the giver tongues my clit in a good steady rhythm till I come. I’m also a mover during sexual activity and the arms around the thighs helps protect the giver from getting hurt, by making it so that I can’t move quite so much. :smiley:

The most important thing, though, is to be enthusiastic. Tell her that you love eating her and show her as well. She’ll likely be more inclined to ask for it if she knows that you really want to do it.

Another non-female here:

Be aware of the lady’s body language and how she responds to your touches, kisses, licks, etc. Then react to what she’s doing gently at first. Then if she wants it stronger or harder, she’ll let you know in her own way.

For me, when I approach that area of a lady, I begin with light kisses and licks along her inner thighs. Then I make my way around the perimeter of her vagina, slightly teasing her. If you look closely, you may be able to see how her vaginal lips react and the area slightly swells up. I wrap one arm under her leg and place one hand the area above the pubic hair line and apply some pressure. Slightly rubbing here upwards towards the belly button will help reveal her clitoris.

I tease it smoothly, slightly suck it and lick it. Depending on the lady, she might begin breathing heavily or moving her hips upwards closer to your face. Make sure you place good attention to areas where she has the biggest reaction. In many instances, I just had to have my face there and she gyrates her hips* according to what makes her feel best. Before you know it, she’ll be begging you to get on top of her.

    • IOn two occasions, while the lady experienced orgasms, her legs locked around my neck and I almost got whiplash! Enter at your own risk. :smiley:

I suspect that there’s a lot of variation in what different women like, so asking the person you’re going down on what she likes is really your best bet. That said, I agree with what other posters have said about liking a couple fingers in my vagina while you’re working on the clit; I find it difficult to get off from clitoral stimulation alone. Also, the area right around the opening of my vagina is very sensitive and likes some attention. Personally, the top of my clit is too sensitive to enjoy direct stimulation. The underside of my clit and the area just below it are the best places to concentrate on. Finally, I find it difficult to come from oral, and if it’s going to happen at all, the licking, stroking, or whatnot have to be in a steady rhythm. Not the whole time, but similar to my advice on blowjobs, I think the best way to give me oral is to get me all worked up and then switch to working the clit and g-spot in a steady rhythm at the end to get me to come. Although you might not even get that far. Like WhyNot,

About the couple of fingers in the vagina thing:

That’s fine, but trim your nails first. Seriously. First, there’s gunk that accumulates under there, and second, those things can be SHARP.

Coming from a lady who learned the hard way.


Good call, tashabot.