Ladies, what does your ideal man dress like?

I like guys that seem to enjoy manual labor; whether for a living or for fun. I have seen many the good-looking dude at the dump. The hardware store is even better though!

Make that cat AND dog hair, and this was my husband. He might be drinking beer, though wine and coffee are also options.
I say “was” because replacing our awful old washer and dryer has completely eliminated the lingering cat hair problem.

I’d prefer he nixed the computer-themed shirts, but he does look decent in tech company polos. Now that he wears nicer jeans and shoes, he is quite close to my ideal dressing parameters. It would be nice if he mixed it up a little and wore slightly less black, but I can deal with that.

Well-fitted boot cut jeans, flannel shirt-bonus points if it’s open with a wifebeater under it. Longish (shoulder length) hair. Clean shaven or a bit of stubble. Worn cowboy boots that aren’t just for show.

If you add a cowboy hat to that… swoon

Yes, 1000x yes. I can’t tell you how many times I see fat guys - and girls - who would look perfectly attractive if they didn’t insist on wearing clothes they outgrew long ago. I know that in a perfect world we should all be able to wear whatever we like, but fat girls and guys: it really doesn’t look good to be having fat hanging out all over the place. Especially when there are perfectly fine clothes for larger people now.

Just keep the baseball cap off. It is not a dealbreaker like the pants off the ass but it’s my least favorite hat, and if you are wearing it backwards and SHADING YOUR EYES that is a dealbreaker.

I like both business casual - dockers, buttoned down shirts, tie optional - and someone looking comfortable in jeans and t-shirts that fit well, but as long as his wardrobe contains more than a rainbow of polo shirts, I’m probably not going to complain about how he dresses.

But I really hate polo shirts. They scream “I know I’m not supposed to wear a t-shirt, but lack any imagination about how to solve the issue so this ugly shirt with a collar will have to do.”

Ha ha. I know, right? “Oh, if only there were some type of hat, perhaps with a brim, that would keep the sun out of my eyes!”

OK, what kind of shoes am I supposed to be wearing?

I like when boys wear sneakers. :slight_smile:

Edit: But yeah, white sneakers usually look stupid.

Like attractive actors who tend to play themselves in movies. It’s a timeless look. You could put James Dean, John Cusack or Christian Slater (from most of their roles) in another movie, from another time, and they’d still look hot.

Or anything but Ed Hardy.

As long as it’s not sloppy, or some silly baggy pants nonsense it’s okay. I prefer them not to be too “pretty” if that makes sense. And yes, dog or cat hair a plus. :smiley:

Not sure if I should be posting but is just really curious about the cat/dog hair being a plus?

The look that attracts my attention on the street: long hair (must be cared for), nerdy tee, jeans. Any pants being worn must not have their beltline under the dude’s scrotum or the cross about the knees.

Then again, so long as he talks nerdy to me I’m game even for dudes in three-piece suits (never met one of these who could talk nerdy, though).

Besides a button down shirt, what are the other options? I find button-downs seem either rather formal or hickish (if they are plaid). I was told that the unbuttoned button shirt with a nice tee under it is no longer in, and I’m told here that tee under a suit coat is also out.

I don’t think I’m clueless, as I always get compliments on the way I’m dressed when I try. But I just can’t think of anything besides polos for short sleeved whether in situations that are too formal for tees but too casual for dress shirts.