Ladies, what does your ideal man dress like?

When you’re out in public and you see guys, what sort of style draws in your attention the most? That would make you want to date him? Or, if you are not single, what type of man would you let your guard down around and seek friendship with him? That makes him seem trustworthy or charming or charismatic? That he’s going places?

It would be worthwile to extend this to body language, but less obvious stuff, I’m not talking about obivous stuff such as smiling and good posture.

Let’s also extend this to how he interacts in the environment…who he hangs around, what he drinks, where he sits, what activities he participates in, etc.

Guys in Rush tee shirts always get my approval. :slight_smile:

I don’t really care how he dresses, with a few provisos, but I do care how he looks in those clothes. Are they clean? Neat? Is he confident in them? Does he carry them well? Do they show his figure? Overly baggy clothes don’t catch my eyes.

Provisos: If you wear your pants to your ass, you’re instantly out. If you’re a guy and you wear a belly shirt, you’re out. Um… that’s about it, really. I prefer clean-cut man but I have been known to catch my breath at many, many types.

Bow ties are cool.

I’m old school so I’ll go with a suit and tie. You know, it says he cares about looking nice/has a job that requires him to dress as such.

Astronomy or physics theme T-shirt, ideally with cat or dog hair on it. Drinking wine or coffee is a plus, but not required. Computer gaming (online or otherwise) as an activity is another plus.

Does my “Got Geddy?” shirt do anything for ya? :wink:

A UNIX or Linux-themed T-shirt or polo shirt would also be quite acceptable, again, ideally with dog or cat hair.

T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of shoes that aren’t white athletic shoes. I’m easy.

He wears jeans that fit. None of this baggy jeans silliness and none of the inexplicably popular I’ve-borrowed-my-little-sister’s-pants nonsense.

Comfortable, cotton, in good repair and clean. Prefereably not sneakers, but I’ll deal.

Natural fibers so as not to make me itch. Bonus points for dog hair.

A man in a nice suit with a crisp shirt, and a good haircut. However, he should look as though he is comfortable wearing the suit. So often you see men in a suit at a wedding or other event, and it’s so obvious that they feel funny wearing it. My first husband wore a suit nearly every day to work (lawyer), and to him, it was like wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Great look, very sexy.

Like Eddie Vedder, with glasses.

Jeans that fit and a t-shirt. Clean, unless we’re at the hardware store or dump.

The dump, huh?.. will this be the new pick-up spot of the 2010’s?? :slight_smile:

It’s not a dump. It’s a re-use centre.

Yeah, put me down as another one who isn’t as much into the specific clothes but more some basic ideas:

  • Clean and reasonably well fitting. Baggy cargo pants/shorts are okay, but oversized jeans aren’t.
  • If your ass is hanging out, go away before I start laughing at you. Ditto those stupid looking skinny jeans that seem to be in style now where they look spraypainted on the legs, but the seat is dropped down so it looks like you have a loaded diaper.
  • I don’t mind a little bit unkempt but I don’t like styles like a sweater over an untucked shirt.
  • If he’s a little overweight (or outright fat), no tight shirts, please. Especially if they don’t cover the gut. Fat guys look fine if they wear clothes that fit them properly, but I don’t want to see six inches of hairy gut hanging out.
  • On a purely aesthetic level, I love trim guys in well fitting suits–especially topped with a trench or a wool greatcoat. Mmmm, yeah. :slight_smile: You don’t see that much in California, though.
  • Tight black T-shirt (industrial band, gamer geek slogan, etc.), black Utilikilt and combat boots. Not many guys can pull off that look, but if they can, it looks great. :slight_smile:
  • Oh–and if you must wear a baseball cap, put it on straight, shape the bill a bit, and take the stupid label off. Guys with the labels still stuck on their hats drop about 50 IQ points in my estimation.

I like seeing my man in cargo pants and snarky t-shirts. Especially ones that I’ve bought him. Occasionally, he wears one of my work t-shirts, and I kinda like that, too. He looks great when he’s dressed in anything clean, casual, and comfortable.

While a man who likes to dress up occasionally is nice, I’m not usually a suit and tie kind of girl. My first husband (abusive) wore a dress shirt and tie to work every day, even though he didn’t have to, and I have literally had flare ups of PTSD symptoms due to seeing my current boyfriend dressed similarly.

If we’re talking ideals I like very tall, leanish and unclothed.