Ladies What's The Most You Ever Paid For A Single Dress?

Or men if you bought it for your wife or signficant other? Or yourself :slight_smile:

I was watching I Love Lucy and Lucy buys a Don Loper dress and doesn’t get the price and it turns out to be $500.00 (I wonder what that is in today’s money).

Lucy also did the same thing when she went to France. And of course Marge on the Simpsons spent like $3,000 on a Chanel dress.

So my question is what’s the most you ever spent on ONE single dress. And if you care to explain the type or label or designer.

I’m a piker. The most I spent was $150 for a green silk dress/jacket for a high school reunion. I wore it once and sold it for $125. So I guess I spent $25 for it.

I don’t remember the label. Bought it at Nordstrom.

I said $0-99, but that was for standard dresses (which I rarely wear and never spend much more than $60 on). If you count wedding and bridesmaid dresses, it goes up to about $200.

$350.00 on sale from 850.00. For my brother’s first Wedding. It was a gorgeous silk number with pleating and hand-made lace, and was absolutely stunning.

My normal shopping mode however, includes business sutis under $99.00. I just don’t go for the expensive stuff, I prefer things that can go in the washer!

Shoot, I checked the wrong box - I spent between $1000 and $5000 on a competition ballgown. (It was worth over $5000 new, but I got it for less used.)

I attend quite a few charity balls because of my husband’s position, and I’ll spend up to $250 on those dresses. Normally I try to spend $100 or less.

My wedding dress was $1700 (eek). Other than that, I’m sure I’ve never gone over $250.

I think the most I’ve ever spent was a few hundred dollars, but I’m generally a bargain shopper- I like to get Chanel and Versace at outlets for a few hundred, not a few thousand.

I worked for the Los Angeles Opera and Philharmonic for a while and needed to dress appropriately for gala events. One day, in Nordstrom, I tried on (for fun) a couture gown that had been priced at $3,800 and was marked down to $900. It fit perfectly and needed only a little shortening of the hem.

I bought it and still cherish it.

I am not counting my wedding dress in this. It cost $1000 but that included shoes, headpiece, and all alterations. The only thing I had to buy was the fancy slip with the ruffles; I tried to forgo that because I am so cheap, but I tried the dress on without it and it really made a difference, so I went for it.

The most I have spent for a dress other than my wedding gown was about $125. Navy silk formal with a matching stole. I am soooo cheap.

$200 for a bridesmaid dress, $140 for my wedding dress. The most I’ve ever spent on any other kind of dress was $50 or $60.

$175 for my wedding dress; it was off-the-rack and not from a bridal line.

$180 on a gorgeous Banana Republic dress that makes it look like my boobs are going to fall out any second. Yes, I think that’s a good thing.

I bought my wedding dress on ebay for $25. In retrospect, I wish I’d spent more.

Well, my wife’s wedding dress was £4000, soI guess I had to select “over $5000”.

Regular dresses I have no idea how much she spends! Knowing her, more than she should.

$350, I think it was, for a gorgeous fuchsia and black silk dress which I wore for years. I bought it at some boutique or other in downtown Los Angeles around 1985.

My wedding dress was $800. But that was 5 times more than I have ever spent on any other dress, though…

My ex-wife’s wedding dress was about €2,000, or around US$3,000 at the time. Ordered to Ireland from Australia.

I said $0 to $99, but I’d forgotten about my wedding dress. It was about $130.

My wife’s wedding dress was $800.

Seeing as I buy everything at thrift stores and yard sales, I doubt I’ve ever spent more than $20-$25 on a dress.

I’m 50% cheap and 50% recycler.