Ladies with non-gender specific user names- are we still sexy?

My feelings are hurt.
I named myself after my pet rat.
I have a turtle but his name is Mudhead and i wonder how many people would mistake me for a man if I had used his name instead.

I wonder-

Since there’s never been a line of dopers who’ve had a crush on me, i figure it’s one of two things-
Either all my threads about dead animals have turned off the nice gentlemen of the Straight Dope, or people don’t realize I’m a fine lady because I don’t have the word “baby” or “babe” or “fireunderpantsboobs” in my name. How can anyone tell I’m sexy without a username like sexywriter?

Do you, ladies, find a similar problem? Have you been mistaken for a man many times like I have? Dogzilla? Internetlegend? Are you there?

Then again, maybe not many dopers here have a crush on me because I’m dumb and have an unattractive sense of self-deprecating humour.

Hmm, I’m not sure. Better show us your tits.

The strange thing is that I always thought fireunderpantsboobs was a guy. Maybe I was reading it as fireunderpantsbob or something…

Or maybe I was making a mental juxtaposition with Spongebob Squarepants…


I was mistaken for a guy at first by a couple of people, but I nixed that misconception right in the bud.

Am I sexy? Damn skippy. Or at least my attitude is.

You don’t sound dumb to me. I don’t get crushes easily, but any lady with a pet rat, a pet turtle, and a sense of self-deprecating humour sure stands a chance. :wink:

Unfortunately, I’m not one of the members of the group of nice gentlemen of this fine message board.

I don’t think it’s your name, Turpentine, but then I’ll be damned if I can think of any other reason you’ve failed to attract a legion of smitten dopers. Sometimes things just happen, or in this case, don’t happen. Rest assured that I enjoyed the great pleasure of your company at the Boston 'fest. I’ve been here the better part of a year and remain uncrushed, myself. Could be we’re just too subtle. If that’s the case, Grok might be onto something.

I just have one thing to say: Dogzilla? Damn sexy! :smiley:


At least you’re not getting naked pictures from male Dopers on their first time emailing you…

Guys…how about saying hi first?
What am I doing that says “Hi! Please send me pictures of Mr Happy!”
And the one Doper I want to see naked…no digital camera :frowning:

But you know who you are…come fill up me,oops my mailbox anyday baby :slight_smile:

Hey, Dudette, my username is Creaky. Doesn’t exactly inspire the most erotic of thoughts. But I know I’m sexy. Do I ever expect to have anyone get a crush on me through the SDMB? Nah. I’m way too new, for starters. And my pic isn’t up on the People Pages yet. And I’m also REALLY annoying and vain and selfish. Oh, well.

As far as any of us getting a crush on you… well, I gotta agree with Grok. Hee! :wink:

If you have the intelligence to operate a computer sucessfully and have any sense of humor at all, (many men find a self deprecating sense of humor most attractive) you’d be found sexy by just about any man with his head mostly out of his nether regions, even if your name was mudhead, or anthraxsuckingchestwoundhalitosis.

Let guys get to know you on your merits as a person. Then when they find you’re a girl they’ll like you even more. Hell, I like you already, though I’m neither a gentleman nor fine. By virtue of just being here, you’ve demonstrated you’re not stupid…

And yes, “showing us your tits” might help, but it might send the wrong sort of, er, message.


looks around …are you talking to me? I think so but I’m not sure. Pics on the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW are you saying Internetlegend is a woman??? Are you sure?

BTW Turp… maybe its your perfume. :wink: :smiley:

We are sexy.

Sorry Whammo but unless you were the one I was on the phone with for three hours today…

Hmmmmm? Great timing! Monday I spent 2 hrs. on the phone with a guy that I haven’t seen/talked to in YEARS—his parting words were “Well, I’m gonna go to bed now and jerk off”.


(Susan Sarandon is my idol)

SHHH!!! I had at least Whammo going there!

[sub]I like being mistaken for a man. Then when I say something wildly inappropriate to a guy, he gets all squirmy thinking I’m gay and I’m hitting on him. Or he’s gay and he responds. Either way, it’s good times.[/sub]

Hi, Lisa here, another part of the feminine gender. One doper told me in e-mail that she was surprised that I turned out to be female – then reckoned, well, wolves are female too.

I’ve had someone send me an interesting photo through e-mail too – you know who you are, naughty man! – but actually I felt flattered. Sexy? Me? Heck, no. But if Ice Wolf can be sexy on the Board, if not in real life, hey, that’s okay.

I’m just here to have fun, commiserate and laugh a lot. I’ll just get back to my mountain now. Might have another look at that photo, too. :wink:

When Im an artist, turpentine, which comes from pine trees, is not sexy at all, its quite odorous & breathing too much of it makes me dizzy…Maybe I ought to dispel that & look at your Teeming profile, Turpentine?

Yup, it happens to me, too. I’d never given the gender neutrality of my name much thought, until I started seeing myself referred to as “he,” like in this thread. After I posted the correction, though, I got my first online proposition (of sorts) a few posts later.. (Thanks, Sofa King and Johnny L.A. — You made my day!)

I try not to be too obnoxious about correcting folks, though — it’s partly my own fault for not choosing a more obvious name.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: What a sexy name! The funny part is, you’ll probably find more folks around here offended by the length without blanks than the content. (We’ll forgive you for being disease-ridden, but DON’T YOU DARE make the window space over to the right!)

Why am I not getting these “interesting” photos, WTF? Should I change my name to Joe?

Anyhoo Turp, I don’t think it’s the dead animal thing because the reason behind jarbaby’s name is WAY more disgusting than that, and she’s got legions of fans.