Ladies, would you look at my penis? How about you men?

Recently Mrs. Z and I were talking and the subject of circumcision came up.


Any way Mrs. Z stated that she didn’t know where the foreskin would be so I tried to explain to her. (as my foreskin has been removed) We were in public so I could not use a visual aid. Then Mrs. Z said what I believe to me a most extraordinary thing. She said she never really looked at my penis. Woman! You’ve had this thing in your mouth! You’ve never looked at it?!?!

Upon reflection I realized that I have looked at her and the other women with whom I’ve had sex. I study their bodies. I marvel at them. I’m fascinated by them.

So tell me. Do you check out your partners ‘equipment’?

If you don’t look, why not?
Who knows, maybe I’m the weird one. Maybe guys look and girls don’t, but I really want to know.

Thank you for your replies.
I will be so disappointed if at least the views on this thread go through the roof.

I can describe my hubby’s, but I won’t. :smiley:

Yeah, I look.

I examine the hubby’s equipment closely, on a regular basis. :wink:
Hey, it seems to appreciate the attention.

I’ve looked at my husband’s goodies - sometimes with lust, sometimes out of idle curiosity, sometimes because I see him coming out of the shower of getting dressed. I was kind of shy about it at first, but after 19+ years, I’ve gotten over that.

Some years back, I used to use icuii (a vid-chat program), and I got to see more than enough equipment to satisfy any residual curiosity - lots of variety out there. It’s not something I go out of my way to look at, but I’m beyond getting embarrassed by nudity.

And, nothing personal, but I think I’ll pass on looking at yours. :smiley:

I look too. Men’s equipment is so weird it’s fascinating.

(I don’t mean weird in a bad way, mind you. It’s just so different.

I’d have to look at it if it was going anywhere near my mouth - you could take someone’s eye out with that if you’re not careful…

Sure! I’ll take a gander.

I am very familiar with the wedding tackle. Having never experienced a natural (uncircumcised) penis before, he received (and still does, thank you very muchly) lots and lots of personal attention.

I can tell you where every little freckle and wrinkle is :smiley:

not being gay im not sure what the criteria is for an attractive trouser snake.

i know that i WORSHIP female genitallia. study, examine, muse over etc.

a true thing of beauty

Yeah. To echo some of the above posters, I would look at it with curiosity because it’s so…weird. In a good way.

I will not take a gander, nor will I accept a goose.

I, however, shall most certainly not.

I have looked at all my partners’ naughty bits; however, since I wear glasses, once they come off I have to be fairly close to what I’m looking at in order to make out much detail… plus, the lights have to be on…

I don’t look at them too closely. They freak me out a bit when they’re up close to my face.

I don’t have to look that often because I keep a picture of them in my wallet.

Probably a good idea to inspect for, uh, things like sores! :eek:

There was a thread a while back in which a great many women (more than a quarter) admitted that their SO’s naughty bits were just about the silliest-looking things they had ever seen…

Zebra, if it’s stripedy, I might peek …

never seen stripedy before …


have to look at what i’m playing with!

and i love irishfella…every inch

I look… I don’t have one and it is kinda fascinating to me :slight_smile: Besides it is very receptive to attention and the process of erecting itself amazes me :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think he gets a little embarassed though!

I’m very glad to know that the majority of female dopes would look at my penis. (if we were lovers)

NinetyWt a Zebra’s penis is not striped but is unusally long. (and in color it is black)

Violet good point.

irishgirl, would that be both of them?

Now why haven’t more men posted about whether they closely visually inspect their partners.

I wonder how many people clicked on this thread expecting a link to a photo?