Ladies: Would you pay for sex?

The thread on legalizing prostitution got me to thinking. Probably something like 95-99% of all prostitution is to service men. So in fairness to the female half of the SDMB, I submit the following:

Suppose you could go to a discrete “house of pleasure”, where you could pick the man (or men!) of your choice, guaranteed disease-free and non-fertile, for anything from a really good back rub to a night of indulging your wildest fantasies. And let’s even say that the rates were reasonable. Would you pay for sex in such circumstances; or is sex for you too personal (or available for free)?

Believe it or not, I once wrote a paper on the subject. Perhpas even more alarmingly than that, I almost became a partner in one such enterprise.

I’ve always been amazed at how many women have bad sex. There just arn’t that many men who make good sexual partners. The usual advice given to horny women (go meet some horny guy at a bar) is pretty bad advice- not only is the sex likely to be unsatisfying, the experience can be dangerous.

Our goal was to provide women with the kind of good sex that they deserve. We wanted to let women use their new economic power to create sexual power. It would be an empowering experience. Mind shattering orgasm garunteed.

We never went through with it because we did not want to deal with the legal implications. I am sure we could have found clients in our ultra-liberal college town, but I’ve always wondered if such a service could fly in a different setting.

Um. Actually no.

And I have been damn lucky with my current state. Out of my numerous sexual encounters (ha…) None of them have been bad and quite a pile of them have been inspiring, with a decent handful earth shattering.

However I pick 'em they’ve been good in bed. Now, I just need to find a new one…

For me it is about intimacy. Sharing of self. I can do it without love, but not without care. (Which is a form of love, but to keep things simple…) Though the back rubs would get really tempting.

If it was legal, I might actually consider it.

Once. Maybe.

I don’t think I would ever pay for sex. I don’t think sex could be nearly as satisfying if you had no emotional conncetion to the guy. Besides, I’ve been with the same guy for about 9 months and he’s amazing (and free :)).

well I’m a guy, and I wouldn’t pay for sex.

I’m too cheap

No way. And this is coming from someone who honestly thinks she may never have sex again.

Well, one of the most exciting things in sex is seeing how excited on your partner is (at which point he becomes more excited, at which point you become more excited seeing how excited he is, and so on, in the most beautiful feedback loop in the world).

There are guys who can do without this, or who can take feinting of it as the real thing but, me, I don’t know if I could. I mean, obviously he’d have to be somewhat excited to do his job, but I think I’d be suspicious of his protestation of ecstacy. And where’s the fun in that?

Slightly on the same subject: In Osaka in Japan there is a place called Dotonbori Bridge, right in the middle of the city. It takes a while to notice as most people just pass through, but there are actually a LOT of male prostitutes in the area, who go up to girls and chat them up. Apparently its not a gay thing - its a hetero thing. The gigolos usually wear business suits in unusual colours, will have long overcoats, gold jewellry, and bleached hair. I’ve never seen one be successful in getting a customer, but no doubt the bridge has a reputation amongst Japanese women seeking some lovin’, otherwise why would the gigolos all hang out in the one place?

I can’t believe this thread has dropped already! I think everyone’s too chicken to say “I would!” so:

I would!

Granted, like Scratchie, I’m pretty tightfisted with the money, but given the scenario outlined in the OP (and that I was in a different marital situation) I’d probably be curious enough to give it a try. (Being able to pick and choose as to what you’re in the mood for has a great deal of appeal to me!)

If I had to troll around a seedy neighborhood waiting for desperate heroin addicts to approach my car, like some guys actually do now, then no thanks. I fail to see the appeal in that!

Paying for it, I mean.

I’ve mentioned her once before, but I guess this would be the other place that’s appropriate. One of my neighbors is one of the fabled $3K-per-night girls, and we sometimes talk. No, I won’t offer introductions. Don’t ask. And no, I’m not a client, even if I were inclined to risk my marriage, I’ve nowhere near that kinda cash. But anyway, she tells me that about 10% of her gigs are with women. Powerful, wealthy, or both. Of course being at that level of wealth and power has it’s own twists and stresses. I suppose if I were a powerful, closeted lesbian, ‘professional’ assistance might be a good idea when the need overruns you in a strange town. Fewer scandals that way.


Well, at least not for a few more years. :slight_smile:

I actually have a few male friends (and one female friend) that have offered their services in that respect for free. I’ve never taken them up on it, cus I’m just not that kind of girl - AND I have a 6 jet Jacuzzi.

I ‘spose if this dry spell continues (I HAVEN’T HAD A FREEKIN’ DATE SINCE FEBRUARY) I may change my mind, but for the time I’ll spend my “Fun” money on shoes.


Exactly, that is pretty much what sex is. Having sex with someone, whether you are female or male, who is so disinterested in you and/or having sex with you, that you need to pay them to do it is like the ultimate pity uh, lay. (trying to keep it clean) That being said obviously prostitution is booming business, but mostly for men, and although some women may pay to have sex with other women, they are basically paying for society’s intolerance, not sex. Knowing how easy it is for most of my female friends to get a smart, good looking, funny, sexy, skilled lovers into their beds I don’t see the point. Just had to put my male two cents in because I can’t just let women respond to a thread that is basically asking a question only women can answer…jesus I suck.

I’d like to chime in and side with most of the rest of the women on this thread, I like the guy I’ve got for free, and I couldn’t pay for better. My enjoyment is teaching him new things and seeing his reactions. That’s what does it for me. I don’t think I’d buy sex, even if it was as earth-shattering as described in the OP…

hot, steamy sex with huge bulky guys…

No, wait.

Yeah, I wouldn’t pay for it.

Remind me of that again when I get filthy stinkin’ rich.

Hell naw. To me it’s all about intimacy/connection/emotional meaning behind the act.

Yeah, that’s all well and good, but… you wouldn’t go for it? Just once? 100 miles out of town? Not in a relationship? Bored out of your skull? Clean, safe, licensed prostitutes? Your choice?

I dunno, man. I’m always bitching about the fact that I’ve had a serious dry spell (it’ll be 2 years this coming December…ugh), but I really can’t imagine paying for it. I mean, part of what arouses me is knowing that I arouse my partner. If I paid for sex, the only thing arousing my partner would be Mr. Franklin (it’s all about the Benjamins, baby)

Nope. Never.

I’d be thinking, ‘hmm, this really isn’t worth the money…’
Actually, they should be paying me. :smiley:

Oh, yeah, like that’s a long time…if you’re counting in months, you’ve nothing to complain about.

Anyway, even though it is entirely possible that the only way I could ever have sex again is to pay for it, and even if I were to ignore the moral questions - it just seems so pathetic.