Ladies..your answers please

If you appear to have nice boobs fake or real, or a great behind, face or shapely legs, and guys eyes are fixated on these areas wherever you go, are you flattered? Does it become uncomfortable after a while? or do you get so used to the stares that you don’t even notice it?

Well, a man interested in our opinion on this subject. You’re one rare bird, you know. Yes, I do find it somewhat flattering to a point.:In my case, they’re all too real: But, I am SICK and TIRED of being judged for a part of my anatomy, usually ignoring the fact that I happen to have a brain and a personality to go with the exterior stuff, which I had no control over anyway, :these came from my mother’s side of the family:. It does make me uncomfortable, and I want very much to be judged, or even better, not judged on my personality and character. 'Nuff said.

And Vestal Blue, you know what I’m talking about,so be nice. And don’t adlib either about my so-called assets… :slight_smile:

Let me guess Purple, you are in possesion of very large . . . tracts of land ?

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Subtle admiration is one thing. A glance at a body part that is somehow so fascinating is something I have grown accustomed to. It’s annoying, but as long as they are not too obvious, I can ignore it.

However, there is the stare that is so obvious, so overwhelming, I want to scream at the man “WHAT?!? WHAT?!?! AM I ON FIRE?!?!

There was this one time that I was in a shop, minding my own business, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I am an ordinary looking person, no fashion model. Anyway, I see these two men staring at me with an intense and almost furious look - frowning and fixated on me. I almost thought that I had committed some social faux pax (sp?) for a minute - I thought that I had somehow offended these men. It took me a few seconds to realize that they were staring at my chest (It’s ample) with this total single-minded intensity. It was bizarre. What, they’ve never seen hooters before? Mine was the first pair? I was wearing a t-shirt (not tight, not low-cut) so WHAT THE HELL was with these men?!?

That bothers me a lot.

The truth is, and I think all the sisters will agree with me on this, no matter the size or fineness of your assets, this behavior denotes an repulsive immaturity in any man. My opinion, of course.

It’s flattering to a point that men admire my ample bosom or tiny waist, but I’m with purple here and I would much rather he admire the fact that I have a brain and that I use it rather well. I hate being thought of as just a piece of meat with no feelings or thoughts on anything.

When are you going to realize being normal isn’t necessarily a good thing?

It depends on where I am, what I’m doing, and how I’m dressed. Hell, I’d be put-off and depressed if I didn’t get at least an occasional double-take.

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Ad admiring glance is one thing- I get it a lot more because of my hair then my boobs or butt anymore (I have long, straight hair almost to my butt). Apparently there are lots of men who really get into long hair. Anyway, when ANY staring goes beyond flattering to downright uncomfortable, I like to break the tension with a well timed

“Hi. I was just wondering what the FUCK you’re looking at”.
People don’t have the right to stare at you until you’re uncomfortable- it’s just creepy.

Works OK for me :slight_smile:

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Yes, I often have that effect on women.

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It depends on how he conducts himself. If he’s trying to be polite but finds himself staring at my chest/butt/legs/whatever, and seems a little embarrassed, I’m very flattered. I even think it’s a little cute. If he is completely shameless and leers at me for a long time, sick wolf grin on his face while he looks me up and down (remember my Mickey Rooney story, gang?), I am completely grossed out and want to slap him.

I don’t mind a guy noticing my body. I do mind him drooling over it. (Well, with one exception! :smiley: )

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Sometimes I stare at a woman’s shoes or belt buckle, etc, just to make her wonder if there is something needing adjustment there. Silly me, I know.

But then women stare at guys privates too, don’t they?

If you don’t know, then we’re not telling. :wink:

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Good morning all, been busy this morning. I do get flattered at the occasional notice, it’s the STARING and the rude gestures and comments I object to. And it sometimes doesn’t seem to matter how I’m dressed, since I can’t very well hide my ‘assets’, and why the HELL should I anyway, they stare at me. I too have fairly long hair, and I don’t mind guys noticing me, but why can’t they notice ME, if you get my drift. And I agree with elbows3 and Ruffian completely. And as for you, Handy: I do notice, occasionaly, a guy’s assets (never you mind what I like) but, I repeat, but I NEVER STARE. I hate it done to me, I won’t do it to anyone else.

Oops! Occasionally. sorry for the typo! And, yes, i am ‘well-endowed’. Often wish I wasn’t, because of some jerks.

Nuh-uh, Handy. That’s one case where function far outweighs form…I like what it does, but I’m not blind. There’s no way you’ll ever catch me pondering a man’s nether regions.

As far as gentlemen checking me out, I don’t mind so much, because I’m a dolt and I never actually notice that kind of thing unless someone points it out to me. I’m on with the others, though. Leering and drooling and just generally being scummy and predatory is a giant no-no.

“It’s okay. I wouldn’t remember me either.”

I don’t think any specific body parts of mine were subjects of staring, but I’m a big fan of the drive-by wolf-whistle – I got 2 in one day once! (I also think I may have been twice carded, I may have to bronze that dress! ;))

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Ooooh, VV, I hate those! They were a common occurrence (not just for me, but several of my friends) when I was in college and walking along a main street on my way back from class. I thought it just screamed “low-class” and I couldn’t stand being leered at like that. My usual response was “Ooh, can I date you? You seem like a winner!” I had the same response to guys who peeled out in grocery store parking lots.

A compliment, a shy look, fine. Wolf-whistle? Blech.

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Agreement w/ Purplebear and others: a quick, appreciative survey and a smile are great; staring and leering aren’t.

It’s a question of finesse, okay? Most (well, some) adults have made peace with the fact that men are visual critters. An appreciative scan and a smile can be charming. IMO, if done politely, the masculine once-over nicely melds a slight sizzle with restraint. Hey, when did admiration get to be so non-PC?

Well, answering my own question, when the admiration takes the form of staring, leering, catcalls, wolf whistles and disgusting kissy-sounds aimed at women. There’s absolutely nothing ego boosting or charming about them. They’re a slap in the face.

The distinction is polite admiration versus shopping for merchandise. The first is individual. The second places the woman in the category of thing to be examined by the shopper. Some of the lingo even supports the shopping mindset: “lookit the pair on that babe!” Somehow it’s less than flattering to be reduced to an ambulatory melon display.
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