Lady Agents of SHIELD: Most shaggable?

I’ve really tried not to notice, but try as I might, I can’t help but see that there’s a lot of eye candy in the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, both male and female. Now I’ma focus on the women, as I’m wont to do. You got Skye/Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Melinda May, Bobbi Morse, and I’ll even toss Maria Hill into the mix.

Fellas, ladies and germs, which of these Agents would you most like to, you know, personally introduce to your little Mjölnir?

There are women on that show other than Melinda May?

I feel like you could have added the men to the poll, without it hurting the poll in any way (JFYI).

I chose Maria. She seems the most level-headed of them, and also my type. Unfortunately, I think she’s only been on the show for one or two episodes? (May was originally level-headed, but she’s progressively become more “suppressed rage monster” as the show keeps going.)

I think you should have added ScarJo for her awesome role as Black Widow.


  1. Maria Hill
  2. Jemma Simmons
  3. Bobbi Morse

Ah, if only they’d add Lizzy Caplan’s character from Item 47…

I figured that’d be a thread of its own. I didn’t want to sully these results with hairy beasts of Y-chromes.

Feel free to start another.

She’s more of an Avenger than an Agent these days.

You missed out the delectable Yoyo!

You could’ve fooled me! Ming-na has had my heart since that awful Jonathan Silverman show some years back. One time on that show, she had an '80s shaggy haircut–I thought I’d die!

Yeah, but she was shield, just like Maria Hill


Does Agent Carter count?

I’m surprised that Jemma is doing so poorly. I would have thought that she would be the main focus of the average SDMB poster.

The o.p. had to exclude her because she would crush the competition hands down. I don’t think even Natasha Romanoff really stands a chance against her.


Hmm. If I separate the character from the actress, I’d pick Jemma Simmons*.

But actress wise, it’s a tie between Chloe Bennet, Cobie Smulders, and Elizabeth Henstridge.

*Maria Hill is a bit too intimidating, and Skye/Daisy is too unpredictable. Jemma is nerdy and sweet but with some fire in her.

When Romanoff appears on the show, I’ll do a new thread. And then everyone will vote for her, and it’ll be a wonderful poll. :smiley:

Aww… ok then I’ll pick Bobbi, even though she’d probably crush me!

I voted for Melinda May, because I haven’t wathced AoS since the first season, and the only names I recognize from the screen rather than the comics are hers and Maria Hill. Assuming Hill is still being played by what’s-her-name from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, she is probably in the “beautiful but not hot” category for me. Ming-Na was still quite hot when last I saw her.

Not enough love for Simmons in this thread! My number one since day one.
(I used to work with a girl that looked JUST like her, twas very distracting)

Guess I need to do a Bing image search and get back to this.