Lady Cop radar trap

A blonde lady cop has the gun, the guy directs offenders across the street from us to wait for their tickets.

I tried to talk Johnny into taking a van, driving past her and when she points the gun at him, leaning out the window: “Hey Darlin’ didn’t you have time to dry your hair before you left for work this mornin’ ?”

I told him she would think it was cute; it would be a great way to strike up a conversation.

He wouldn’t do it.
The man is a wuss.

That is called a “lack of a spine” or “shrunken 'nads syndrome”.

He should have taken one for the team.

How selfish.

How slow would he have to be going for that chunky little sentence to even be comprehensible as he passed. I’m guessing about 5 miles an hour, which is far too slow to be passing a police person you want to piss off .

Oh, I wanted him to stop so she could get a good bead with the Glock in her other hand. :slight_smile:

…not if she saw my other thread. She might have realized that she is part of the problem and not the solution and shagged him right then and there in front of everyone.