Lady in the Water - ridiculous

I saw Lady In The Water last night, and even though I had slept until noon that day AND had a 2-hour nap, I still dozed off because the film was so boring. It was also pretentious and ridiculous, complete Shyamalan self-gratification.

Lady In The Water could not figure out what kind of movie it wanted to be. It was not a horror movie, and it was not really a fantasy movie. It was not a drama because there was no tension between the characters, and it was not a comedy except for the unintentionally hilarious moments (of which there were many.) It just went nowhere, and had an incredibly weak story and lousy script writing.

It was impossible for me to take the fantasy element seriously with ridiculous words like “Narf” and “Scrunt.” It was just too goofy and ridiculous. And what were they trying to do with the name “Cleveland Heep?” Is there some kind of symbolism in it? All too goofy for my tastes.

The whole story, which, as I said, is weak, was so boring and lacking in ANY kind of drama or tension that it put me right into the arms of Morpheus. A poorly written mess, further proof that Shyamalan’s filmmaking is going downhill. Speaking of M. Nite, his casting of himself in a hackneyed, ham-fisted role as some kind of political martyr was unbelievably pretentious.

I have no idea how anyone could have enjoyed this movie. Did anyone here find it more bearable than I did?

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