Ladybug Ladybug

does anyone know the origin of this kiddies rhyme?

ladybug ladybug
fly away home
your house is on fire
and your children will burn

seems kind of sick to teach this to children…

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dont know the origin of it but it was in an old book of mother goose nursery rymes I had when I was a child, there were LOTS of other disturbing rhymes also.

I remember one that told you if you were not good that in the night “the goblins will get ya if you dont watch out” it included an illustration of a definatly evil looking goblin (oversized hands and claws and all) creeping up on a child from a shadow. I didnt care for that one much… haha :slight_smile:

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That’s not Mother Goose, it’s James Whitcomb Riley and it’s “Little Orphant Annie,” and it’s one of the greatest children’s poems in U.S. literature.

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“goblins’ is from the poem " Little Orphant Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley predares the comic. Away back when in England they grew some crop, I forget which,(hops?) what ever it was the lady bugs hung out in it eating what ever ate the crop. After harvest they burned the shocks. The shocks were full of the larva and the flames made the lady bugs fly. and that’s where it came from. They are also called Lady Birds, tho they aint birds nor ladies. I had a disaster this year i released ladybugs and placed matis eggs. the manti ate my lady bugs. the aphids et my beans.

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Uke… so it is! I found the whole poem but it was in the M Goose book I had (parents still have it)

sorry to hijack the thread!!! :frowning: I’ll stop now.

most strang, main board says there are 4 replies here. No. 2 should be mine explaining Lady Bug and Goblin. Yet I only see one reply from B. Somebody Email me and tell me if they see the othr 3. Other wise i will be forced to post again!!!Muhwhaa ha ha.

Well, it’s there, but your typing is atrocious.

"Ladybird Ladybird, fly away home,
your house is on fire, your children alone.

Ladybird Ladybird, come back again,
your children are safe and…"


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