Lagavulin - Say it ain't so!

Maybe I should add a warning here for other single malt lovers. I just went a liquor store to buy myself a new bottle of Lagavulin 16. I couldn’t find any on the shelf and didn’t think anything of it. That is until the clerk came by and told me that for the foreseeable future Lagavulin will not be exporting to the US. It seems that their supply can’t keep up with demand.

Is this true? Do I have to hord my last dram of 16? And why Lagavulin, it only seems to appeal to a rather small group, even among scotch aficionados. If it is true, what can I drink to forget about this tragic loss?

I feel your pain. It isn’t my pain, because personally I loathe Lagavulin, but the loss of any good single-malt diminishes us all. As a substitute, try Caol Ila or Bowmore. There are some magnificent bottlings of Bowmore out there now. I especially like the 17 year old expression.

Huh, I had heard about two months ago from a Swede that he heard from a Dane that Lagavulin was stopping production entirely. I found no mention of that anywhere and the clerks I spoke to couldn’t confirm it either. Take that for what it’s worth.

An Ardbeg 17-year is a good substitute, I think.

“Supply can’t keep up with demand”? Geez, I knew I shouldn’t drink so much, but I didn’t think I was THAT bad… :wink: