Lakers fire Mike Brown

Maybe they can bring in someone to put in the Four Corners offense next.

Now if only the Bengals could do the same.

Wow, I actually find this shocking.

Huge over-reaction. However, I don’t like the Lakers so I am amused by the turmoil.

I hear Stan Van Gundy is looking for work.

Wow. This is pretty unfair. Especially considering there are not that many great options out there. Maybe Kobe will pull a Bill Russell player-coach thing since he can’t seem to get along with anyone else.

I’ve never been a Mike Brown fan, so I’d say they did the right thing for (maybe) the wrong reason. He’s a strong defensive coach but his idea of an offense appears to be “bore the other team into a coma.” If you have mediocre talent that’s dull but understandable, but when you have have LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash running your offense it’s a waste. And while the Lakers have not had a lot of time to get used to each other this season and Nash has missed a few games with his leg injury, they have also been really, really awful by all accounts, and they’ve probably been worse than they should be even with those problems.

Not actually allowed by the collective bargaining agreement.

Phil Jackson coming back?

Wow, I had no idea that was the case. While I can see the need for this restriction, I hope someone finds a loophole in the rule. Both Russell and Lenny Wilkens were pretty good player coaches.