Lambda MOO

A passing thought just crossed my mind: is there anyone else here who used to frequent Lambda MOO? I got vaguely interested back in 1994 (when I first discovered the wonderful time-wasting qualities of the internet on a monochrome Macintosh), and haven’t been back in a couple of years.

Any former residents around here?

Hey wow. I had forgotten about LambdaMOO, but yeah I messed around on there for a while when I was a frosh in college: that’d be '94-'95.

Wow that’s funny. I think I was probably known as “Raul” on there then. That was waaay before I got this handle.



That’s it? Nobody else remembers this?

:frowning: we are alone in our MOOness, mattk.

I’m always getting Lambda and NAMBLA confused . . .