lambskin condoms

So what’s the deal lambskins they are very expensive (about 10 dollars for 3) and claim to be just about the best thing you can use to avoid pregnency (short of absinence obviosly) but terrible for STDs. So what I want to know is 1)why do they aid aginst pregnency and not stds 2)Is a spermicide neccesary also (they never come with them all ready spermicidally lubricated (why?)) 4) Lambskin? Where does the name come from and what type of material is it
Also what is the best brand to use with lambskins/latex?

Do you think there is more than one way to skin a lamb?

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Mimi Coucher from A girl’s guide to condoms had this to say about lambies:

The reason why they protect against pregnancy and not STDs is that sperm are much larger than the buggies that cause AIDS, et al. The pores in lambskin are small enough to stop the sperm, but large enough to allow infectious agents to pass through.

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Lamb + skin=lambskin. Yup, skinned off Mary’s little one.

It’s the sheep’s intestines that are actually used for the lambskin condom. But I guess people would be even less likely to buy them if they were called “lambgut” condoms.

They are so popular with the condom cognoscenti because they are thinner than latex and therefore less of a barrier to sensation.

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If they are thinner, will they tear easier, I personally have always avoided condoms that are called, super thin, ultra thin… because I get worried that they will probably break much easier then regular condoms.

Well, I wish I had the problem of deciding which condom to use. The one in my wallet left a permanent dent in my billfold looking like I kept a small can of skoal there.

Which reminds me of the Irish bill that was passed allowing men to receive 4 free tabs of viagra a month. All I was wondering was what I would do with the extra three.

There is no course of life so weak and sottish as that which is managed by order, method, and discipline. -Montaigne

Alphagene, I stand corrected. Thank you.

I said:

Joey said:

Joey, the point is that lambskins are tougher than latex of comparable thickness, so even though they are thinner, they offer just as much protection. You’re right about the thinner latex ones, though…as the old joke goes (apologies to any Native Americans reading this thread) “me go ugh, squaw go ugh, rubber go kapowie.”

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They’re more comfortable for both parties, if you don’t have to worry about STDs.