lame-duck pop up ads

so sometimes there’s this lousy popup and it looks like google… you’d think they’d sue their ass. Whats the deal with these chumps?

It’s not just them… everything looks like Google these days. Good thing, too… some sites are just too bloated.

I’m sure Google is just loving it… being the trend setter and all.

It’s not quite the same. Those other sites have at least put a little thought into unique design, though I see your point that the layout in each is a little… google-inspired., however, just seems like an incredibly blatant google ripoff.

Whether that means “seeing how close to the wind we can sail without Google’s lawyers getting heavy” remains to be seen.

Is this really illegal? Can somebody copyright the mere layout of a webpage?

I mean, I’m sure lots of sites use the same “stuff centered in the middle of the page” design in portions of their page… would they all be guilty of copying Google?