Lame Football Half-time Shows

Okay, they have to do something to entertain the folks at the game, but why do they have to subject the viewing audience to this torture? I don’t believe I have EVER seen a half-time show that was worth remembering. My brother was in the High School Band and even HE can’t stand watching the silly things. Where’s the Stanford Band when you need them?

The show intended for the Big Game on Sunday looks really weird.


i’ve never actually seen a halftime show, but i was in the '97 grey cup one. holy hoo was it fun!

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I have to tell you that the Super Bowl has nothing on the Orange Bowl when it comes to half-time shows! They are GREAT! The Super Bowl shows are definitely duds.

BTW, did you see the Rose Bowl this year? Stanford played Wisconsin and YES! ABC let the TV viewers watch the Stanford marching band at halftime! I love those guys!

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Did you catch the Simpson’s superbowl episode? They managed to show none of the game or halftime show but the show somehow involved Dolly Parton wearing a Snoopy costume and flying on a jet pack.

The show is always weird but it’s a plus when the game itself has always sucked. I have to admit I didn’t even know who was going to play this year until I heard a commentary on NPR this morning. The Tennesee what?

Did anyone click on my link? I have to admit I’m curious to see what a “20-foot-high, happy-groin, Disney puppet” looks like.

Mickey Mouse with a hard-on, I guess…