Lame Yahoo autodraft IDP Fant Football league for any curious

I have one set up already. My regular league doesn’t want to do IDPs, but I wanted to see what it was like.

I also wanted to experiment with some other ideas, but realise that this is an extra league. I would like it to be competitive, but how much ego can you really put into an autodraft league?

(Yes, I know how some feel about Yahoo leagues, but it’s free and allows IDPs now. If you hate Yahoo, no problem, don’t join.)

But, if you’ve been wanting to try out IDPs, 2 QBs, PPR, scoring bonuses, etc … Or even if it’s your first time in FF, Come on in!

I’m making it autodraft to keep it simple. Trades and moves are unlimited. I will pretty much keep commishing it to a bare minimum, only make a ruling when really needed. Otherwise, it’s Yahoo’s rules. I will set the draft for between Aug 23rd and 31st.

I have 8 openings. All I ask is to stick around all year.

So, anyways, first come first serve. Navigate over to Yahoo Fantasy Sports

League ID# 368389

Password: texas

Here’s a link to a slary cap league