SDMB fantasy baseball 3

SDMB fantasy baseball leagues 1 is full and 2 has 12 teams already. So, I created a third league. It’s also at Yahoo.
To sign up, go to Yahoo fant bball
Log on with your Yahoo id, join a private league and enter this info:

                     League name: SDMB3
                     Password: cecil
                     League id#: 16042

                     This league is different than the other two because it uses Autopick draft. This takes the least time. Also, I don't want any more than 10 teams. Otherwise, the talent gets too thin and there is too much to keep track off. So far there are only 2 teams signed up.

                     Here are the current settings (negotiable):
                     Draft Type: Autopick
                     League Name: SDMB3
                     Maximum Number of Teams: 10
                     Maximum Players on a Team: 24
                     Player Universe: All baseball
                     Maximum Moves: No maximum
                     Maximum Trades: No maximum
                     Scoring Type: Rotisserie League
                     Waiver Time: 2 days
                     Last Trade Date: Wednesday, August 29
                     Trade Reject Time: 2 days
                     Maximum Games: 162
                     Maximum Innings: 1250
                     Retroactive Stats: Yes
                     Roster Changes: Daily
                     Starting Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, DL
                     Statistical Categories (Batters): Runs Home Runs Runs Batted In Stolen Bases Batting Average
                     Statistical Categories (Pitchers): Wins Losses Saves Earned Run Average

Only two teams so far. Plenty of room for anyone to join. Step right up.

For those who don’t want the trouble of a draft, there’s also the league I’ve started at

Not trying to delve into your prospective pool of dopers, curious george. Just showing folks the alternatives. Hope you don’t mind:)

I believe I’m that other team, george. :slight_smile:

Hey, if no one else signs up, we’ll both have awesome lineups!

BTW, I joined an additional Yahoo league just in case this one didn’t fill up, and in our non-auto draft I got… ta-da! Alex Rodriguez! Boooooo-ya!


Yahoo says there are only 2 days left to enter. Anyone else want to join?

We have 3 teams now. However, yahoo won’t let me change the Draft Status to ready until we get at least 4 teams.
All we need is one more team.

OK, I’m in. Watch for the Strikeout Kings at the bottom of your standings…

OK we are ready to draft. Yahoo says “your autopick draft will be completed sometime between now and Friday, April 6 at 11:59 pm PT”. Any further messages from me will be posted at our league message board, not here.

We will miss the first week of the season, but player stats are usually strange then anyway.

Cool. Eat my dust. :smiley:

Play ball! Our teams are drafted. At 1B I got Delgado, Giambi, and McGwire! Also, I got 3 Yankee SP’s, that I am looking to get rid of.