Lancaster City Council Member offended by picture of Pres Bush


Unless we’re talking about this someplace else and I missed it?

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Hmmm. I’ve been to the Market–a couple of months ago, in fact–and it’s a lovely wrought-iron scenic building that doesn’t even have a newsstand. The stands range from elaborate longtime establishments to Amish Ladies with Pies on Plain White Shelf. I don’t see why somebody would want to have a picture of the Prez (or his grandkids) on any of them, and I don’t remember seeing this guy’s stand or picture myself. I guess he considers it his office.

That said, seeing a pic of the Prez doesn’t offend me, and I’m from NYC fergawdssake. Especially if the guy has already had it for two years and has a bunch of other pictures up. The Councilman is being a :wally

However, I saw my first Chick tract on a Mennonite woman’s stand in the Green Dragon Market, and I’ve heard some weird religious beliefs down there to make me a little wary–we have a family friend who comes down to stay at cabins there, but does not tell people he’s a Catholic priest because some people believe the whole Whore of Babylon stuff.

So, in one sense I applaud the other merchants showing solidarity for Stoltfuz’ freedom of speech by putting up pictures of our Prezzie; OTOH, if I walked into that beautiful Market and saw pictures of Dubya with his crooked smile on every other stand, yes, it would put my Dem self off a little.

But you wouldn’t insist he take the picture down, right? You would just shop someplace else.

Right! I don’t feel strongly enough about it to leave the entire building, one of the most interesting touristy things in the city.

Note: the following comment is not meant to be inflammatory or anti-American, nor can it be applied to all or even most Americans…

But holy crap, for a nation touting itself as the land of the free and home of the brave, you sure do have a whackload of easily offended folk. I mean, pictures of your President are offensive? WTF? Yes, there are deep divisions and Bush’s policies may be vehemently opposed…but to make a law that makes it illegal to display political paraphernalia…what the hell is the matter with you people?? *

*Note: by “you people”, I do not intend to imply Americans generally or even in any mass quantity, but only those who would actually find it offensive to have a photo of their President displayed by anyone and even suggest that it should be removed.

Sigh We know, we know.

If they do try to ban political stuff from public places, it would be flagrantly unconstitutional. Nelson Polite needs to get his head out of his ass :wally

Actually, if I may correct you, “You person” would be appropriate in this situation, since it’s one thin-skinned poor loser who’s making an ass of himself, not the entire Lancaster city council, the city of Lancaster, the state of Pennsylvania, the Eastern seaboard, or the continental US.

Hence, the thread, so we can point and laugh. :smiley:

You’re right, I was quite unclear. While typing that last sentence, I was directing my judgement and derision towards all members of the Offenderati, even though neither the context nor the content actually alluded to it. To Mr. Polite (that seems weirdly appropriate, somehow, but not really), what the hell is the matter with you, person? To the rest of the Offenderati, what the hell is the matter with you people? To my boss, what the hell is the matter with me coming in late and leaving early? I took a long lunch to make up for it!

I think they are both full of shit.

Maybe, but Stoltzfus has a right to display the picture of the President (or not, if he chooses.)

Polite does NOT have a right to tell him to take it down (or display it, if he orders.)

Enough to make the Gobi green up.

If it’s my place of business, and I want to put up photos of Madonna, J Edgar Hoover, and the weebl badgers that’s my right. It’s also your right to not shop at my store if those images offend.

Mr. Stoltzfus is doing absolutely nothing wrong, and I applaud his refusal to be cowed.

How many offenderati are in a whackload?

Am I the only person who thought the OP was talking about the Lancaster in England? I thought it was a bit odd having Amish stuff in an English market, Standup Karmic’s first post was even more confusing, now I understand what this thread is on about.

That council bloke is a tosser.

45 million

45 million!
We may have somewhat more than a whackload here, then.

:stuck_out_tongue: Haha! -----------------> Nelson Polite.
:stuck_out_tongue: Hahahahahahaha!—> Nelson Polite.