Lance strongarm, you're an annoying jackass who ruins threads.

This thread, on anti-transgender bills, was having some interesting discussion. People talking about their evolving stance on trans rights, people talking about specific strategies for fighting transphobic laws, people talking about specific legislators and governors, people talking about the effect of the laws on the trans community.

Right up until post 78. Lance shows up, and asks, as he always does, “Why is the little boy’s room separate from the little girl’s room?” He’s asked this question about a hundred times. People have explained it to him in very small words. But he thinks it’s a great deep point.

I could not possibly smoke enough dope to think there’s anything deep about that point. Knowing how that asshole shits up a thread once he enters it, I tried not to respond. But goddamn he’s tempting: he’s so dumb, his points are so easy to refute, that it’s very difficult not to respond.

And so, sure enough, he’s taken over the goddamn thread. Of the next 150 or so posts, an even 50 (at this writing) are him, either repeating his sooper-deep question or insisting on what a smart feller he is. Another 58 or so are responses to him (at least half a dozen of which are mine–see below). Of those 128 posts, only about 20 aren’t about him and his idiotic question about why bathrooms are segregated, a question that’s been explained to him so many fucking times before.

Thus this pit. First, lance, goddamn you’re a jackass. You’re likely to spontaneously avatarize as the immortal embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect; idiots everywhere will worship at your altar and pray for your favor. You have no idea how stupid your are, hilariously and painfully insisting that the rest of us just can’t get your points.

Second, I pit people like me. Why am I responding to him even to the small degree that I am? His shit stinks the most in that thread, but I’m contributing. I’ll do so no more once I link to this thread.

Third, though, iiandyiiii, get the hell over here. You know that that thread isn’t about his obsession with why the boy’s room and the girl’s room are separate places. You know you’ve had that conversation with him elsewhere. You know he could start a new thread on it if he actually cared about the issue. But you’re feeding him, my god how you’re feeding him! STOP FEEDING HIM!

That thread is basically ruined, mostly due to Lance’s idiocy, significantly due to the enabling of posters like iiandiiii who treat his inquiries as something that belong any goddamn place lance wants them, and partly due to people like me who respond to him at all.

Don’t let him shit up threads, people.

Now you left out the “y”.

Maybe make this a Sticky, then lock it out?

This post is infinitely more interesting than anything lance has ever written. DON’T FEED HIM!

I have him wriggling on the cusp of reason – you’ll see. I just need a few more posts.

You’re doing it wrong.



Nothing says “I am not responding to you” like a Pit thread.


Wait, isn’t the thread referred to in the OP, a pit thread already?

Is the OP pitting another poster’s pit posting style? Seriously?

No, the OP is pitting a troll.

This seems more like:

Have you read through his responses in that thread?

To be clear, I don’t mind at all people responding to his idiocy in threads that have no other value, such as this thread. My problem is people shitting up otherwise interesting threads with responses to his idiocy. Omar, I trust this addresses your concern as well: the other pit thread had something interesting to it beyond Lance JAQing off, until he came in and it became the Lance show. This thread is starting as the Lance show, so it can’t be ruined more than it starts off being ruined.

And Czarcasm, your suspicions are noted, but I think he really is that stupid.

He’s gotten on my nerves too. Not because I find him particularly disagreeable, but because of the over posting mentioned by the OP.

Granted, I haven’t read the thread in question. But I did want to respond to this part:

You know that saying that talks about 'more speech" and goes something like, If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.

That may be true in certain spheres, but I find in the case of general stupidity the opposite is a better course of action. I think for every 2 posts I write, I delete one that I decide isn’t worth it. Self censorship can elevate discourse more than responding to everything found to be inane.

Wise words. My ratio isn’t that high, but it happens.

“Look, lance, I know you’re just trying to help, but seriously— give it a rest, okay? You’re making me look bad.”

The Devil

adaher and lance strongarm are why the ignore list was invented.

For those keeping track at home, the last five posts in a row in that thread are all from him, arguing about whether bathrooms should be segregated. He is why we can’t have nice things. He is a one-man locust swarm.

I was really bummed when I got home from work today and saw what the other thread had become…I wanted to share the asinine thing I saw on a restroom door at the gas station.

Shoehorn butterhorse. :cool:

That was a really good thread.

Okay, I’ve formally given up that discussion for that thread, after rethinking it a bit and reading others’ opinions.