Land of Cheese.

I don’t reside in Wisconsin though I did as a wee lad way back then.
Sometimes if I climb a tree tall enough I can see the shoreline over yonder.
All against the advice of my doctors, who have lost lthe joy of climbing a tree. Just because.

What has this post got to do with cheese, you ask?

I just devoured a 1 pound (0.453592 kg) block of fine Wisconsin extra sharp cheddar. All by myself, I did not offer it anyone else.
It was tasty and I could not help myself.

Hopefully my digestion system will recover in a few days.
Monday morning madness. :slight_smile:

I had Swiss cheese on my scrambled eggs, for the first, at Cracker Barrel yesterday. The taste was good, but the texture was meh; it was in strips. Next time, I’ll see if they have shredded, I’ll keep you posted.

The cheese-mites asked how the cheese got there,
And warmly debated the matter;
The Orthodox said that it came from the air,
And the Heretics said from the platter.
They argued it long and they argued it strong,
And I hear they are arguing now;
But of all the choice spirits who lived in the cheese,
Not one of them thought of a cow.

— Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle

I just finished a very nice snack of dill and garlic Monterey Jack cheese, braunschweiger, cherry tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, olives, sliced green apple and rye crackers.

Buuuuurrrrrrrrrp. Yum!

I just devoured
a pound block
of fine Wisconsin
extra sharp cheddar

all by myself
I did not
it anyone else.

It was tasty
and I
could not
help myself.

I like cheese;)

A couple weeks ago I found a shrink wrapped block of 12 year old sharp cheddar stamped 2011 in the back of a refrigerator in my brothers basement. It was amazing.

If you’re married, you might wanna aim your backside at an open window tonight while you’re sleeping. :smiley:

Another way of saying ‘cut the cheese’ perhaps.

Cheddar is one of my favorites and I too prefer it sharp or extra sharp. But for a salad I like fresh parmesan or fresh mozzarella. That shredded package stuff is for philistines.

Enjoy your constipation. :smiley:

^^ Très elegant, Beck!

Single…perhaps for a reason.

IMHO, the only thing wrong with that snack is that it needed a good, dark beer to wash it down.

I do love your avatar, btw.
ETA thanks Burpo, coming from you that’s high praise, indeed.

Mmmm… cheese!

Many thanks. I saw that picture and knew immediately that I did not want to know what was going on.

original pic

**Land of Cheese. **

Tillamook. “Come smell our dairy air!”

My male cat frequently uses the toilet. Now if I could get him to flush, life would be grand. He likes some good cheese, too.:slight_smile:

The rumblings in my intestines have concluded that I will have a mistakable time. I just found a box of whole wheat crackers sitting in my pantry. Hopefully that will help. The suggestion of a good dark German beer sounds good, but in this smal town everything is closed for the night.

I grew up around cows. Thanks, but no thanks. I do like fresh milk however. :cool: