"Land of the Lost" chords

Alright, suppose you’re playing the theme song to “Land of the Lost” in the key of E.
Marshall, Will, and Holly,
On a Routine Expedition, met the…
There’s clearly a chord change on ‘greatest,’ and it sure isn’t any obvious chord (E, A, B, F#m, G#m).

Anyone know? Anyone adept enough that they can just ‘hear’ the right chord?

Daddy, do something! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Haven’t heard it since I was a kid, but doesn’t the next line end on a V (B) chord? Maybe it’s just a V chord with a suspension?

My first thought was B, also, and that it was a 12-bar three chord thing. B just sounds flat-out wrong, though.

I would stay on E, and change to a B on “known”.

But did you try a Bsus chord, and then go to a B chord?

No, but if you tell me how to do a Bsus I’d be happy to try it.

Or I’ll look it up.

Or, change to C#m at “GREATest”, back to A at “EARTHquake”, then to B at “known”.

I have the show’s opening theme as my Windows greeting and the show’s closing theme for my Windows exit, but damned if I can read music.

For those who CAN read music and want to hear it, this link should get you there:

From the MP3 from that site, it’s in the key of A and the chord in question stays on the I.

Thus, in the key of E, the chord stays on the E until “known”.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I do know that the theme for Speed Racer (Go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, goooo) is the same chord progression as Don’t You Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Don’t you make my brown eyes, don’t you make my brown eyes, don’t you make my brown eyes bluuuue).

Hope this adds to the discussion in some meaningful way.

Thanks for all the input.

I’ll try all these - I kind of got it to work with what I call a ‘country B’ because I don’t know what it really is - 2nd string fretted on the B, 3rd on the D#, 4th on the A, all other strings open.

Then to A on ‘earthquake,’ regular B on ‘known.’

Again, thanks for all the help.

Ooh, good link. I agree - it stays on an E chord until “known”. That’s some great banjo pickin’ on there!

That would be a B7sus4 (unless by “all other strings” you mean the low E as well, which would be an Emaj7sus4, yuck).

But “country B” sounds good too.