Trying to figure out chords in a song

I’m usually pretty good at this, but one song is tormenting me. It’s ‘‘Don’t Ask Why’’ by Neil Finn. If a muso with a golden ear could tell me the chords (mainly.especially the verse chords), I’d be ever so grateful!

Am I correct that the part you have trouble with is at the lead in to the chorus, where at first they start with Bm7-F#m7-E7, but then it’s not clear what happens after that?

I can tell you all the other chords: A7-C-D7 repeats a lot, then the above, then the Bm7 riff with some other chord(s), then a C#7, then back to teh A7-C-D7.

If I had to guess about the part I didn’t mention, I’d guess that they keep the B in the bass but still keep doing the other chords. Hopefully someone else can do a better job there.

I’m not at home right now, but there’s a website called where you can plug in an MP3 or youtube link and it will translate it to chords. It’s not precise, but is great to get you up and running. (It only shows minor or major chords, so if it’s a 6th or 7th etc, you won’t get that).