Is there a place in here that defines words, I figured I would be able to decipher most with time but nope, what is a MMP?

The word troll seems to mean different things as well. So what exactly is a troll here at SDMB?

I think this is what you’re looking for.


MMP stands for Monday Morning Post, a week long general discussion thread. Usually starts with a topic which is abandoned by post 2.

A little advice about trolls. At the SDMB it’s something you think, but never say. You have to have special powers from Og to say it out loud.

Oh, Og is god. (see what I did there)

It’s missing “zombie.” I PM’ed Dex about it and he said he’d add it, but he never got around to it and now he’s gone. Perhaps TubaDiva or one of the other mods could find time to add a definition.

Except in the BBQ Pit. You’re allowed to call people trolls there. We even had a brouhaha recently about a particular mod accusing a particular poster of trolling. It’s OK any time if you’re a mod and if you’re a regular poster, it’s OK as long as you confine it to the Pit.

How is this for a definition?


A zombie is an old thread that had ceased activity for some time (was dead), but has now been revived by a new post (was brought back to life like a zombie).

Sounds good. It just needs someone to add it to the glossary.


Thanks, engineer_comp_geek. :cool:

I am glad I asked, very helpful. Thanks guys!

The vocabulary here really is so specific, my only regret is that I didn’t ask sooner.

My favourites were Son og G-d and penis ensues.