LAPD as judge, jury, and executioner

LAPD officers are understandably jumpy and angry about Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop who has gone on a recept rampage. I told my wife yesterday that they will probably kill him on sight, whether or not he presented an immediate threat to them.

This article suggests I’m right. They recently spotted a truck that looked like his, and shot it to pieces without a word of warning or instruction to the occupants - neither of whom turned out to be Dorner. Both of the women in the truck were injured, but thankfully are expected to recover - and I hope they each get a massive settlement check from the city of Los Angeles.

What Dorner has done is inexcusable, and he should be tried for murder - but the cops who shot up these two women should likewise be tried for attempted murder. If it’s not acceptable for Dorner to apply the death penalty without due process and without an immediate threat to himself or the public, then the LAPD should be held to the same standard.

TL;DR (pit version): Fuck the LAPD.

Not even, apparently.

There was another officer, or set of officers, who shot at another truck that looked nothing like Dorner’s. It was a grey Honda Ridgeline. Now, at least the color matched, but if you’ve ever seen a Ridgeline you know that it looks nothing like a Nissan Titan. Like…the only other vehicle that even remotely looks like the Ridgeline is the (I think now defunct?) Chevy Avalanche.

It’s amusing in a sad way watching them squirm trying to justify their own incompetence. When they bother with those pesky explanations, that is. But no worries, it seems they are opening an internal inquiry. I feel safer already.

It’s good to know the officers involved will suffer the harsh punishment of a free month’s vacation. :rolleyes:

Were I a big bald black guy I would be genuinely afraid to walk about in LA right now.

Hm. I usually don’t read The Pit, but I saw the title on the Forums screen. I asked in the MPSIMS thread a little bit ago, whether the cops should be charged with attempted murder.

Why didn’t they just shoot the tires? =/

They should have used a drone attack instead. I hear those are perfectly legal.

What does right now have to do with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be Ving Rhames right about now.

If the LAPD is confusing blue Toyotas with gray Nissans - it could be dangerous to be a member of the Blue Man Group.

I’ve told you before, but really - don’t quit your day job. This material does not even get to Dennis Miller level.

Win. EP is wrong. This is the funniest post on the SDMB in a long time. I’m writing this from a new keyboard.

And I really wouldn’t want to be Michael Clarke Duncan!

I hope they ARE charged with attempted murder, though I doubt that would ever actually happen. Not feeling too safe around the Torrance area right now with such a menace on the streets…and by that, I mean the cops and their ‘shoot first’ mentality. This is insane…

I wonder how many bullets flew into that house on the other side of the truck that they completely shot to crap. Can’t believe no one was killed in this fuck up…

I wouldn’t either, since that dude died years ago.

I know, right? Double whammy!


I could see some evil wiseacre deliberately tricking the police into attacking innocent citizens (leave false clues, etc.)