Lapdance Island

Sometimes you see something that you think has to be a joke, it’s just so over-the-top ridiculous and unlikely. So when I first saw the commercials for the new E4 television show Lapdance Island, I was absolutely convinced that this had to be a pisstake. Ten men on a tropical island with 40 lapdancers around them all the time – except that if you touch one of the dancers, you’re out. That’s just too bizarre even for TV, right?

Nope – it’s a real program. They’re really advertising it. They’re really taking applications for it. They really have an applicant questionnaire with questions like:


I had almost despaired of humanity ever evolving beyond the Beavis and Butthead stage, when I came across this:

Okay, that’s a slight improvement. Instead of a “Hey, let’s look at the breasts!” premise, it’s “Hey, let’s look at the stupid horny people!”.

No wonder I spend more time here than watching television…

So, the point of the show would be to walk around 24 hours a day desperately aroused by females that you won’t ever get to have physical contact with? Sounds like Junior High School Island to me. They’d have to add thugs to be truly realistic, though, so Lapdance Island is probably easier.

You should have known it was a hoax, though – any show that forbids physical contact could never compete with Temptation Island.

Oh! Oh OH GOD!
Sorry, where were you at the end there?

I saw that tv show advertised too. Thank God it wasn’t real!

Geez, don’t give them any ideas! It’s only a matter of time…

80 breasts, 10 boobs.

Now there’s a great catchphrase. :smiley: