Temptation Island

I have never seen this show and from what I can gather…
4 couples (madly in love) go on an island and see if a gaggle of others can tempt them to break up their relationship. The couple apparently split up as soon as they get to the island and only watch on a video how their SO is making out on the island until the final episode

  1. Why would anyone want to go on such a show?

  2. I can’t imagine how the gaggle of others try and tempt the couple to break up. The only thing I can come up with is sex.

  3. Do they have sex on this island?

  4. How is the winner determined?

  5. What age group is this geared for? Twentysomethings?

I was going to answer your questions, but the waves of revulsion that washed over me every time I tried to explain it prevented my reply.

It was, I think, the lowest any of the reality shows have sunk.

(one of the couples had kids – IIRC, they were sent off)

Motorcycles and Beer, maybe?

How is Rap like Porn? Both are better with the sound turned off.

oh come on now. Where would they get mortorcycles and beer from? Isn’t this island UNinhabited?

Hee hee. Literally, in this case.

Do you even have to ask? They. are. fame. whores. End of story. Especially this year’s contestants. Several of the contestants appear to be aspiring actors/actresses

More like the promise of sex.

Not in the past editions. Basically, they all hang around, flirt like crazy and usually make out with one or two people on the individual dates. Of course it’s possible that some people sneaked in sex but I have faith that Fox would show it. And plug it on their local newscast.

There is no winner. I guess you could say the losers are those couples that stay together even after watching each other on videotape making out with strangers. The only real winners are possibly antibiotic manufacturers. And Valtrex.

Yes. Also teenagers. Come on people, this is great television. You get to watch these totally delusional people rationalize away their massive and usually scary relationship problems. What’s not to love?
Temptation Island is part of the long line of reality shows designed to make us feel better about ourselves by exposing how sad others are. It started with Cops. This is just the next natural step.

I think they’re going for uninhibited.

They just want to test their love for each other by doing this crap but that crap only works on people of a certain age group, usually.

I hear they offer to let them milk a goat.

My wife was telling my about the newest version of this on FOX. (Temptation Island 3 I believe)

She told me that the ‘players’ involved were allowed to select one person from the prospective ‘suitors’ that they thought would tempt their SO the most. (Couples tend to know each others likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs.) Fox then said they would send them off the island as a sort of get out of jail free card. Later in the episode FOX brought the very same people back and said these would be the people that dated the SO’s FIRST. SYKE!

FOX is getting to be more and more like the Mad TV skit that makes fun of them…

“We [FOX producers] went up to a couple of orhpens and told them we had found adoptive parents for them then told em it was a lie while filming the thing! SYKE”

Hardly. The island in question is Roatan, Honduras. If you like to scuba, there aren’t very many better places in the world. You can check out the place on this website.

They’re using a couple of the resorts on the island to film the show (correction, they used a couple of the resorts - the filming took place months ago). One is the Luna Beach, and the other, I believe, is the Palmetto Bay.

The filming, from what I’ve seen so far, is carefully designed to create the impression that the island is sparsely inhabited. This is a bit hilarious to anyone who’s been there. The Luna Beach, for example, is a very short stroll from the little village of West End, home to a bunch of little hotels, noisy discos, etc.!

Lest you get the wrong idea, I find the show almost completely unwatchable. I’ve only tuned in because I spent a few weeks on Roatan this past winter, and I have friends who own a small computer business there (and who made a small fortune providing services to the film crew).

I confess. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

I totally spaced watching it last night. Someone purdy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell em what happened.

This incarnation of Temptation Island should really be called “Catfight Island.”

SPOILERS – What happened last night was:[ul][li]Jason (a.k.a. they guy pissed off with single Jeff) yelled at one of the single girls for having told Michael that Jason had taken off his token-of-commitment-to-his-girlfriend necklace.[/li][li]Melissa and Kristin got into a huge argument about one of the single guys that Melissa liked but Kristin couldn’t stand.[/li][li]Jason’s girlfriend Kara wondered aloud if she really should be in a relationship (with Jason).[/li][li]Melissa got to see a video clip of Michael talking dirty to the single girl he’d been spending most of his time with. She had to listen through headphones because the words were unbroadcastable. They also digitally blurred Michael’s hands, presumably because he was making a suggestive gesture with them.[/li]Remember how, in Temptation Island 2, single Hilary and what’s-his-face went to, like, second or third base within the first week? Well, here in Temptation Island 3, nobody’s even been to first base yet, and the next episode is the series finale. Yawn.[/ul]


Next week is the LAST EPISODE!?!?! WTF? They better git bizaaaaaaay.

I find that guy Michael to be the most repulsive piece of shit on planet earth.

At least with Michael, you’re not afraid that he could snap and go postal at any instant. You can’t feel quite so safe around Jason.

No kiddin’ – and they moved what night they’re showing it on, too. The final episode is tonight, from 8-10 PM.

Which is weird, because it means they’re moving the final episode of Paradise Hotel to Wednesday night.

Ugh. I cannot stand Kristin. She’s like a nosy, overbearing cheerleader snob. All she ever seems to do is manipulate and yak about and everybody else’s relationships, while ignoring her own. She and that gutless boyfriend of hers deserve each other.

(Note: The irony of my complaining about the way Kristin deals with her relationships, while accusing her of nosing about in other people’s relationships, has not escaped me.)