Temptation Island... are there any losers???

Okay… I’ve read all about the hype of this show and actually had a chance to check it out for a bit. Blah, it’s just TV. But the CONCEPT of the show got me thinking (from a typically male point of view, I might add).

My question is… is it possible for a guy to LOSE on this show? Here’s what I mean…

Scenario 1:
You and your loved one make it on the show. Yay. There are a TON of supermodel-quality nearly-naked babes at every turn, constantly flaunting the goods to you. Rubbing your crotch, whatever. So you give in to temptation. Did you really LOSE? You just got to nail one of the HOTTEST babes on TV, AND have documented proof to all your buddies that it really DID happen. You’re a hero! Your pals will be throwing parades in your honor. Basically, you’ve earned your friends’ respect for life. You’ll never have to pay for another beer in another bar once you make the announcement “Hey! I was the guy that porked Candie on ‘Temptation Island’!” I don’t really call that LOSING.

Scenario 2:
You and your loved one make it on the show. Yay. BUT… being the true faithful, honest man that you are, you RESIST temptation and do not sample the fruits of the supermodels loins. What happens? Your woman LOVES you! PLUS (and here’s the best part)… if you ever break up with her, there is an entire NATION of women who would LOVE to date you (and put out) because you’ve PROVEN to an entire country how faithful and devoted you are. Your pals will probably think you’re a wuss, but you’ll never have a problem getting laid again in your life… EVER. Is that LOSING? I think not.

Is there a downside to getting on this show? Seriously!

Any losers? Yes. The viewers.

Oh, on the show?

Yes. All of them are losers.

How about, you remain faithful, and your girlfriend doesn’t?

…and all the world knows.

Losers? Yeah. You didn’t stop to think if your GF decided to bang all the guys, Hm? Then you’d be laughed at in every bar everywhere.

On the upside, no one will recall the show 15 minutes after it’s off, so you might not have to worry. :slight_smile:

Even if your GF DID bang every guy, so what? Every girl in America thinks “Oh, poor baby! He was so sweet and his girlfriend treated him like shit.” And you get laid forever anyway!

I’m having a hard time thinking there’s a downside for any guy on this show.

Well, Black Hole, it’s my understanding that they plan to run a sequel. You should probably apply, 'cus it sounds like you have the perfect attitude they’re looking for… :rolleyes:

Nah… I wouldn’t make for interesting TV. I’d voluntarily lose about 3 1/2 minutes into the show, and then 4 1/2 minutes into the show (when I was done), I’d be off the island. :wink: